Oxfordshire: A fund-raising lawyer at Crossland Employment Solicitors is aiming for a new Guinness World Record following a successful ‘Fore Nations’ 24-hour golf charity challenge as a special tribute to a golfing friend.

Crossland Partner and Director, Barry Ross, was one of a four-strong team of gallant golfers who successfully teed it up to complete four rounds of golf in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to raise money for the British Heart Foundation in memory of their fellow golfing friend, George Brown, who sadly suffered a cardiac arrest last year.

Travelling only by land and sea, carrying their bags and finishing every hole, the team of Barry Ross, Crawford Anderson-Dillon, Dave Kerr and Chris Conway, all members of RACDG Europe, a group of Europe-wide golf obsessives, played a round of golf in each of the home nations of the UK – Sandiway Golf Club in England, Wrexham Golf Club in Wales, Portpatrick Golf Club in Scotland and the Royal Belfast Golf Club in Northern Ireland.

Racing by taxi, boat and bus to achieve the ‘Fore Nations’ challenge, Barry’s day saw a 2.15am start; three hours sleep (+one on the bus) 288 holes played; 1466 shots hit; one dolphin escort across the Irish Sea; 562 kilometres travelled, 41,292+ steps walked and four (nearly) broken golfers (and one weary photographer), but together raising over £7,600 to date for the British Heart Foundation.

Comments Barry Ross, Director, Crossland Employment Solicitors: “Like all good challenges, this one started in the pub with the idea to do something in memory of our golfing friend George – and to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

“What we didn’t quite realise at the time was the amount of planning and preparation (as well as luck) that would be needed to complete the challenge on the same day. But 18 hours 22 minutes and 3 seconds after we teed off at Royal Belfast Golf Club, we rolled in the final putt at Wrexham Golf Club in Wales, happy but exhausted and 1466 shots, 562 and over 40,000 steps later.

“And, as it appears that no one else has been crazy enough to attempt this before us, we’re now waiting for Guinness World Records to confirm that our challenge has also achieved a new World Record in George’s memory.

“We’re also still welcoming donations to the ‘Fore Nations’ challenge for the British Heart Foundation if our madcap feat strikes a chord with any readers. To make a donation, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/page/forenations.”