A SURVEY from a recruitment company has found that 100 per cent of the team would prefer to work in an office rather than working from home.

Fareham-based Toro Recruitment surveyed its workforce to determine which style of working is preferred among the team – working in an office or working from home.

The results of the survey showed that the entire team preferred to work from the office over working from home.

CEO Daniel Pope found the results surprising and said: ‘After lockdown, the way of working changed drastically, meaning a lot of people preferred the new way of working and a lot more people would choose working from home over an office. We were surprised by these results as it has been widely publicised that working from home is a much more favoured style of working, but our results found the opposite.

‘The results of the survey are definitely an indication that working from home is on its way out and could soon be a thing of the past. While it works well for some, and it is a good idea to give people the option, it shows that people are bouncing back into office life.’

The results of the survey, which asked the team about their preferred working practices, demonstrated that the positive work environment is behind their preference of working from the office.

According to the team, a positive work environment consists of a good relationship with fellow colleagues, good facilities, motivating conversations and having successes celebrated.

Daniel said: ‘It is apparent that in order to keep a happy team, you have to create a culture within the office that encourages people to feel comfortable and motivated, which in turn will result in them working hard and producing great work.

‘Relationships are very important, and you have to be a good leader to make your team feel valued and like they are an asset. It’s crucial that you celebrate everyone’s wins together. This drives the culture, gives people the drive and motivation to work harder and I believe is the reason that my team are so keen to come together and work in the office.’