Each workplace has its own rules and regulations on what should be worn during working hours. This is often reflective of the environment you’re working in – for example, businesses working with high profile clientele may aim for more formal wear such as suits, whereas younger, more modern companies may have no rules whatsoever. But does this impact on the workplace environment and employees’ productivity?

Casual Dress Leads to More Productivity

According to a survey by Hive, a relaxed dress code in the workplace seems to lead to 61% increase in productivity amongst employees. This sounds like a big number, and it certainly is – but is it reflective more on casual dress, or the uniforms and dress code regulations enforced on employees?

One of the biggest factors affecting this outcome is related to comfort and confidence. Clothes that you think look good and are made from comfortable fabric often help to make employees feel more at home. It’s also important to remember that employees like to express themselves and feel like an individual – though a uniform can help bind the team together, it’s important to give employees some individuality too.

Uniform Isn’t All Bad

Whilst this is the way things are regarding strict dress codes versus casual dress codes, it may be different with uniforms. Uniforms often give the wearer a sense of identity and relation to the role they’re in. For example, wearing a police uniform may help you get into that role of police officer, and thus improve your concentration and ability to perform well in that role.

Dressing formally also helps add some separation between work and home. Like getting ready in the morning, it may become part of a routine that helps you feel more ready for the day ahead, as well as any challenges you may be facing.

Finding the Right Balance

It’s important to find the right balance for employees between feeling comfortable and confident as well as feeling prepared and ready for work. Often, this is about combining the two so that you experience the benefits of both, whilst negating the negatives.

For example, it may be worth sourcing a uniform that offers comfort. Sourcing corporate clothing that is high quality and can be tailored to the individual can make the individual feel more confident wearing it. Whether that’s a job that needs extra comfort for long days, or a job that needs a smart looking uniform to give off a good impression of your business, looking to companies like Corprotex Apparel for corporate clothing is a good way of finding the right balance.

Another way to find the balance is to have uniform with looser rules. For example, allowing more employee freedom over hair styles, or letting them wear jewellery, offers small changes that don’t take away from the uniform, but do allow the employee to express their individuality.

Though casual dress codes often result in better productivity over stricter dress codes, utilising the benefits of these when designing a uniform can be the perfect method to improving productivity in your employees.