People Activation, experts in epic live events and creative communication campaigns, has announced an industry-first framework and measurement approach. The new measurement aims to help organisations understand their team’s energy and activation levels. 

With organisations increasingly seeking new ways to evaluate the impact of change in their business, the ATOM™ methodology was born as a way to impact organisational strategy and delivery. With a detailed view of how individuals feel beyond traditional sentiment, it enables employee experiences to be targeted where they’re needed most, whilst the impact can also be directly measured over time. 

The ATOM™ methodology explores seven elements, creating a hierarchy of activation from Conviction, Comprension, Trust, Rapport to Energy, Endurance, and Pride. It enables organisations to unlock personalised insight into their team’s energy, meaning the specific needs of each employee can be addressed, removing assumptions or a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

People Activation recently used its ATOM™ methodology as part of a study of more than 800 employees in 8 countries across multiple sectors, including technology, medicine, and FMCG. The findings uncoveredan energy crisis in people and organisations’ of all sizes and nationalities demonstrating strong low energy and low conviction. The UK came bottom on the list, with the Hospitality and Retail sector also reporting its people to be the least energised, whilst the Technology sector was shown to be the most energised.

The ATOM™ methodology calls on the theory of change that people need to be ‘positively charged’ in order to charge others. Combined with the knowledge that business is not linear, where states and needs are in a constant state of flux and transition that responds to environmental factors, People Activation applied this to the state of people’s energy too. 

Chris Teague, Co-founder and Managing Director of People Activation, commented: “The ATOM™ methodology came about as we wanted to really understand the challenges senior leaders and organisations are facing in activating their strategies through their people. The organisations that we work with knew the events were having a positive effect and adding value to their business, but they couldn’t truly measure what this impact was. Without this proven measurement, leaders were facing challenges in unlocking continued investment in these important employee experience initiatives.

“ATOM™ helps raise awareness of the true nature of the activation process in teams by using relevant and distinctive data insight that drills down into each member of the organisation. It also helps to shift the perception away from business being simply a ‘machine’, and instead a natural organism where people’s energy is a spectrum, which naturally ebbs and flows over time.” 

Phil Lewis Associates, who collaborated on the development of the measurement, commented: “ATOM™ will only accelerate the impact of energising and mobilising an organisation’s people by not only gathering data that helps interventions to be even more targeted, but also helping clients to better make the case at Board level for this kind of investment. As with everything the agency does, this is boundary pushing work that will help clients take even more meaningful action to galvanise their people.” 

Following its latest ATOM™ study, People Activation is focused on raising awareness of the ‘people energy crisis’ through its live events, team workshops, and creative communications. 

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