Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform, is today announcing its partnership with Beam, the world’s first crowdfunding network for homeless people, as its first charity on the Perkbox platform, to inspire employees to engage in giving. 

Employees signed up to Perkbox will now be able to use their credit earned in their ‘wallet’ from PerksGO transactions at local merchants partnered with Perkbox, to support homeless people. Equally, they will be able to use their ‘rewards’ given by managers via the Recognition feature, for their outstanding behaviour, to donate to Beam. 

Beam was added to the platform as a request from multiple Perkbox employees internally and users of the Perkbox platform, who wanted to be able to donate their Perkbox credit to a good cause. With 320,000 homeless in the UK and Beam leading community driven initiatives, the partnership seemed like a natural fit for Perkbox. 

Launched in 2017, Beam was created with the mission of helping create a society where everyone can achieve their full potential. The platform allows people to donate money online to support homeless individuals in getting the training and qualifications they need to do the job they want. So far Beam has helped 40 people gain their full independence. 

Saurav Chopra, CEO of Perkbox says:

“Homelessness is an issue we can all visibly see in our day to day lives. For us, partnering with Beam is a great initiative to help tackle the problem and their focus on making a real difference to people’s lives really resonated with our mission. What’s more, together, Beam and Perkbox, make a strong case for how technology can act as a way of revolutionising the way workplaces engage with CSR.” 

Alex Stephany, Founder and CEO of Beam says: 

“Beam, like Perkbox, is passionate about using tech to improve people’s lives. We use crowdfunding technology to make it safe and easy to help homeless people, by connecting the public with the men and women on our platform. We’re excited to be working with Perkbox to grow our supporter base and support even more homeless people into stable employment.