With today’s advancement in communications technologies, customer service has become a determining factor to a company’s success. At present, customers are savvier and expect easier access to customer support, faster responses and better services to meet their needs. Once you fail to keep with the demands of your customers, you may end up losing their patronage.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy for businesses to meet modern customer service demands, particularly those with a tight budget. Those customer expectations and demands can often be pricey and get in the way of other crucial business tasks. This is the reason why more businesses prefer to outsource their customer service to the best cloud contact center in the UK — and virtually wherever they are in the world.

To choose the right contact centre provider that can handle your customer service and support needs, below are some tips you should consider:


Get referrals

One way to choose the best contact centre provider for your business is to get references. Speak with the contact centre’s current clients and ask how their partnership is going. You should also ask if they can recommend the provider as somebody with which to do business.

If they’re doing a great job, that proves they have the chance to train, hire and support the customer interactions and calls you’re likely to receive. Plus, other businesses will likely recommend them to your company.


Consider your company’s size

The size of your company is a crucial consideration when choosing the best contact centre provider. If you select a provider that’s too small, they might drag your company’s progress behind. On the contrary, if you’ll pick a vendor too big, that could lead to a lack of personalised attention and unnecessary costs.

So ensure that your chosen contact centre provider’s size fits your company’s size and has the right personnel to handle your needs. They may be a contact centre provider servicing your customers’ needs, but you’re their first customer, after all.

Check contract terms and pricing models

Every call centre provider has its own contract terms and pricing models, which are often determined by the features or services that your business requires. This may include anything from setting appointments to taking orders over the phone. However, some contact centre providers don’t disclose their prices online, and you’ll need to call their representatives to get more details.

Make sure to ask about upfront payment and other fees, including holiday and incidental costs. Also, read your contracts and quotes carefully. To get the best price, never be afraid to negotiate. Arrive at your negotiations prepared with your average sales volume every month and the details of what you need from them. 

Before settling on a particular contact centre, you should prepare the following:

  • Get quotes from several companies and compare the terms and conditions of every company.
  • If you choose a company that quotes fees higher than others, negotiate the costs using their competitors’ costs.
  • See to it that you ask what promotions are running and know if there are free trials available.


Check their experience

If you’re running a business specializing in supply chain management software but your preferred contact centre provider caters to university researchers, you might want to look for another option that fits your business needs best.

Bear in mind that the provider you’re going for will need more time to train their staff to follow your standard operating procedures. So be sure to work with a contact centre provider that has been in the industry for years, with expertise in helping businesses like yours.


Understand their offer

Most contact centre providers vary with the services they offer. Typically, these companies are categorised into inbound and outbound calling services.

Inbound services offer technical support and customer assistance for software and programs. On the other hand, outbound services are masters at helping businesses reach their target customers, either with marketing or sales. Depending on your company’s needs, choose the one that offers the services that would help your business grow.


Discuss procedures, policies, privacy and security measures

Make sure you understand how your chosen contact centre provider will manage or handle your communication. You should request sample reports they offer and ask if they provide customization for your business or generate data in formats you need.

While you’re at it, you should also ask which metrics they’re using to assess agents and ensure that they align with your company’s priorities. If call resolutions are more indispensable than the average talk time, be sure the company will monitor and instruct agents accordingly.

Furthermore, make sure to dig into the security of their processes and technologies. How do they store data? Do they have a disaster recovery plan? You’ll know if their processes and technology will fit your business needs by asking these questions.


Bottom line

Outsourcing your company’s customer service to a reliable contact centre provider can make a huge difference in serving your customers better. However, you can only enjoy your company’s growth in this department if you choose the right one suited for your business. With that in mind, make sure to take to heart the tips on this post so you find the best possible contact centre provider for your business.


By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.