One of Edinburgh’s leading care and support providers, Social Care Alba have confirmed that they have already put provisions in place for their employees this winter to ensure that levels of assistance across the city remain consistent for those in need over the festive period.

Social Care Alba will be providing all of their employees with a winter care package that will include a high quality thermal cup, so that they are able to stay warm and hydrated during their working hours as well as reducing waste created from continued use of take-away cups.

In addition to this, each of their carers will receive a gentle reminder to sign up for their annual flu vaccine, a portable battery charger for their phone, a pocket torch and a personal alarm all of which will be provided to support their own personal safety and wellbeing during the winter months.

Nataly Wilson, Founder of Social Care Alba comments,

“Looking after our employees all year round is vital, however, Christmas and the festive season always poses additional challenges for us with bad weather, darker evenings and illness remaining top of the list of reasons why some people are unable to attend their clients and offer them the care and support that they need.

“In order to help with these challenges, we have implemented a number of initiatives that have been specifically designed to make the lives of our staff easier. We want to make sure that everyone working for us is very well looked after so that they are able to do their jobs effectively. ”

Nataly Wilson continues,

“We will also be paying all of our carers double pay on Christmas Day and New Years day as we appreciate that these are quite unsociable day to be working. There is also no public transport available during this period so we will be supplying drivers and taxis to help staff get to and from the clients’ homes.  We want to make things easier for our staff as we understand and appreciate how hard they work.”

Social Care Alba was established to provide support to people living in their own home. The care and support is based upon core values underpinned by the Health & Social Care Standards. Their vision is one of person centred support, which incorporates values of dignity and respect, privacy and inclusion, choice and realising potential – as well as safety, equality and diversity.

They are continuously looking to the future, planning ahead and anticipating future demands, thus allowing them to recruit, train and plan services in advance with the support and inclusion of staff.

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