Shock new research reveals that a majority of hirers feel permanent employment in no longer the default option for most roles, according to leading talent and recruitment events, insight and strategy firm, TALint Partners.

In a survey launched ahead of its talent leaders event, the Tipping Point, the firm found that only 29% of internal hirers and recruiters feel permanent jobs will remain the default option for the workforce in the foreseeable future.

The results of this survey suggest that the pace of growth in the gig economy will rapidly pick up speed. According to current estimates from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) more than half of the workforce works flexibly in some way. Statistics from the Office for National Statistics, have also revealed that almost 15% of the UK population – 4.8 million people – in the UK are self-employed.

Ken Brotherston, Managing Director of TALint Partners and host of the Tipping Point event, believes these figures will accelerate even faster:

“We all know the gig economy is growing rapidly, but a lot of employers have perhaps underestimated just how quickly the demand of candidates for traditional, permanent roles is dropping. The fact that so many internal hirers and recruiters are seeing such a rapid, and seemingly long-term change suggests a need to fundamentally re-think the current approach to perm vs temp roles. For those employers who believe that the ‘status quo’ is maintainable or desirable, these results suggest that they need to learn to be more flexible – and fast.”

“The challenge going forward is how businesses will cope with adapting to this evolution. We’re hoping that by bringing together industry leaders from the likes of APSCo, Adecco’s Group X, Credit Suisse and Manpower Group as part of our Tipping Point event, we can help hirers and recruiters better understand how to create the right environment for success in the future.”

More information on the Tipping Point event in June can be found on the website: