Written by Beverly King  

In its annual State of Mobility Report, Graebel Companies, Inc., a global provider of corporate relocation services, sheds light on the current landscape of talent mobility trends from the lens of mobile employees from the UK and around the world. By capturing comprehensive data on mobile employee opinions and experiences, the report offers a relevant portrayal of the benefits and overall impact of relocating for work. In fact, every mobile employee surveyed for the State of Mobility report experienced some positive outcome as a result of the relocation or assignment and 99 per cent say talent mobility benefits their company.

This report provides valuable insights for both employers and employees, allowing employers to better understand the evolving demands and expectations surrounding corporate mobility in today’s dynamic job market. Here’s what the 100 UK-based participants had to say:

  • Relocating for the Raise: More than half (57%) ranked an increase to their salary as a top-three factor when deciding to relocate. This worked out, as half of those who relocated (54%) had their expectations met and got the raise. For businesses, salary raises as part of the relocation package can be an effective way to retain top performing employees.
  • Promoting From Within: Nearly one in three (33%) ranked increased chances of getting promoted as a top-three consideration when relocating, and 45% got that promotion — a successful leadership strategy for employee and employer alike. In fact, 85% of mobile employees agree they would not have advanced in their career as quickly if they had chosen not to relocate. By promoting from within, businesses can foster a culture of talent development and succession planning, which reduces the need to search externally for candidates for leadership roles and save on recruitment costs.
  • Ensuring Stability Though Job Security: A significant 84% of mobile employees believe that relocated employees are less likely to be laid off. Moreover, better job security was ranked second in terms of reasons why they decided to relocate.
  • The World Is Their Office: When asked why they relocated, many mobile employees cited cultural benefits, with exposure to a new culture (39%) and ability to travel and see new parts of the world (45%) as among the top three reasons why they decided to relocate. Having employees with a global perspective can be advantageous for businesses expanding into new markets.


“These findings reinforce that by investing in strategic mobility programmes, organisations can further demonstrate their commitment to employees’ growth and development, which can lead to increased loyalty and improved performance,” says Beverly King, Vice President & DEI Council Regional Lead – EMEA at Graebel. This symbiosis translates into tangible outcomes, including faster career advancement, improved retention rates and a competitive talent pool that can overcome unexpected challenges. By enabling mobile employees to expand their skills, knowledge and networks through relocation, companies can build a more globally-minded workforce that will propel future success.”

To dive deeper into the insights and explore the interactive journeys of five mobile employees that bring these data points and more to life, we invite you to view the full Graebel 2023 State of Mobility Report. These digital roadmaps offer valuable guidance on creating positive employee experiences through talent mobility, straight from the perspective of 850 mobile employees.