BrightHR, the international HR software and employment law advice service, has invested half a million pounds in its brand-new and cutting-edge feature VaccTrak. The feature will help employers protect their people and operate a safer workplace for those essential services that remain open currently or that will reopen post-lockdown. VaccTrak is aimed at both BrightHR’s new and existing clients, many of whom work in sectors that have been under strict restrictions for months, and are desperate to open their businesses in the safest way possible, but who need the expert COVID-related software, tools and support to do so.

With the Oxford and Pfizer vaccines currently being rolled out and the Moderna vaccine becoming the third COVID jab approved in the UK, employers are now one step closer to getting their businesses back up and running again. And while mass vaccination will take time, some staff will likely get vaccinated sooner than others.

That’s why BrightHR has launched VaccTrak. It’s a brand-new tool that lets employers quickly update their employees’ BrightHR profiles to record who’s had the vaccine and who’s still on the waiting list.

The unique feature allows businesses to download an Employee Information report, which lists all employees, their vaccination status, and a percentage of the workforce that has received a vaccination. This tool will be an excellent asset in particular for all healthcare and care sectors, helping to reduce the risk of transmission, which is paramount to their work.

Users of VaccTrakk will also get access to a suite of e-learning tools that outline the different vaccines available, the vaccination process and the benefits of receiving the vaccine, to provide essential education and important information to employees when making any decisions on the vaccine.

Alan Price, CEO at BrightHR, said:

“With two vaccines currently being rolled out and another just approved, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for employers. Our brand-new tool makes it easy for employers to record who’s had the COVID-19 vaccine and who’s still on the waiting list—helping to protect their people and their businesses throughout the pandemic.

“BrightHR is committed to supporting new and existing clients through this challenging time, which is why we’ve made the significant investment of half a million into our brand-new VaccTrak tool. It complements BrightHR’s already established suite of tools, such as the Back to Work Navigator and the Shift and Rota Planner.”

Price added: “It’s our mission at BrightHR to make it easier for employers to run their businesses. These past 11 months have been incredibly tough, but we believe that with cutting-edge software and services like VaccTrak, business owners and employers will come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.”