Curo Compensation Limited (Curo), an industry leader in total compensation management technology, today shared details of its new partnership with QCG Consulting (QCG), a leading business-focused HR consultancy supporting a wide range of public and private sector organisations. Recognising the impact of “leaking tap” HR issues, Curo and QCG have combined forces to help U.K. mid-sized companies across industries to identify the root of the problem and eliminate them.

While the size and scope of challenges vary from organisation to organisation, together, Curo and QCG will cover everything from an inefficient, time-consuming compensation review process to a lack of HR resources needed to execute a successful compensation strategy. Curo and QCG will also account for unresolved pain points such as the absence of a proper employee value proposition contributing to high employee turnover as well as an inability to enforce governance over the company as a whole.

Rogerio Albelo, Head of Alliances for Curo, commented, “With ‘leaking tap’ issues, the problems often go unnoticed, costing the organisations significant amounts of money in the process. Over time, the severity increases, influencing HR’s ability to function and putting the organisation at risk. With QCG Consulting, Curo is helping to find the source of the ‘leak,’ prevent additional fallout and shore up the organisation’s foundation.”

Delivering a combined offering, Curo and QCG will work to automate the reward process and implement the tools needed to facilitate governance; ensure reward budget spend is under control and correctly allocated; mitigate the amount of risk in reward by managing compliance; and communicate to employees about the fair, equitable and transparent reward strategy in place.

Alan Hurst, Managing Director for QCG Consulting, shared, “For nearly 20 years, QCG has taken a pragmatic approach to HR, with a strong track record of helping clients align their strategies and systems and improve overall effectiveness. Partnering with Curo, we’ll continue that mission, focusing on strengthening compensation and reward programmes and ensuring organisations close up any existing gaps and maximise their efforts.”