UK-based Curo Compensation today announced its new partnership with Ascender, a leading Human Capital Management (HCM) and payroll software provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

As part of this relationship, Ascender will act as a reseller of two Curo products — CuroEnterprise and Curo Pay Equity Tracker — bringing compensation and pay equity insights and analytics to APAC. CuroEnterprise works with organisations to manage and optimise investment in employees and to support better-informed pay decisions. CuroPET is a self-service solution that provides insights on global pay equity trends, including identifying risk and uncovering pay gaps. Ascender also plans to implement Curo’s cloud-based services internally as well.

“Making more informed pay decisions and understanding true pay equity not only just benefit a company overall, but also demonstrate a commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce – increasingly important in efforts to attract and retain the best employees,” said Rogerio Albelo, Curo’s Head of Alliances. “We’re pleased to partner with Ascender and provide them – and their customers – with access to two of our top products to help them staying on top of global pay equity, pay transparency and related issues for their work across APAC.”

“As a company, we focus heavily on integration and information, making HCM and payroll simpler to understand and administer,” shared Michael McNamara, Ascender’s General Manager Growth & Strategy. “Partnering with Curo and incorporating their solutions into our processes is a move that aligns directly with our continued work to take pay equity and Human Capital Management to the next level. With CuroEnterprise and CuroPET, we can offer improved compensation information and analytics across the region.”