New research from HR software leader Dayforce reveals that as the UK heats up, so does the trend of ‘summer slacking’.

Researchers found 37% of full-time UK employees admitted they were less productive during the summer months. The figure jumps to 46% for those aged 18-34.

However, researchers also found that summer flex policies could be the answer – here’s some of the insights researchers uncovered: S

  • 55% have these options at work, like summer Fridays or increased WFH
  • 84% say such policies help reduce burnout
  • 45% value these flex options more in the summer
  • 57% admit they tend to slack off when their boss is away on summer vacation
  • 72% agree that younger workers are more accepting of/use summer flextime policies at their workplace than older workers

However, researchers also noted that  86% can’t always use these offerings due to being too busy (30%), lack of cover at work (21%), fear of negative perceptions (23%) and financial constraints (17%).

We spoke to Steve Knox, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Dayforce – he told us:

“Our research has found that the warmer weather and upcoming holidays lead to a more relaxed approach to work and a dip in productivity, or “summer slacking”.

For people looking to make the most of the summer months and take some much-needed time to refresh and recharge, here are Steve’s tips to share with employees – although they work for managers too!

1. Prepare for Vacation Victory

Prior to logging off for a holiday, create a list of pressing tasks to accomplish before you leave and delegate other responsibilities to trusted colleagues who can progress with the work while you’re away. Remember, you should feel empowered to disconnect and enjoy time off without feeling guilty – a well-rested employee is a productive employee!


2. Boundaries are Your Best Friend

Clear communication is key. Set clear work hours and communicate your availability, especially if you are working remotely. Tools like an email out-of-office auto-reply and phone “focus” modes can work wonders in minimising distractions.


3. Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, It’s Strategic

When you are working, it’s essential to schedule regular breaks throughout the day to recharge. Whether it is a brief meditation session or a brisk walk outside to enjoy the weather, taking care of oneself is critical to remaining energised and focused. It is important to remember that self-care is healthcare – refresh, refuel, and recharge!


4. Mini-Adventures, Maximum Impact

Even small breaks can make a big difference. If you can’t take a bigger holiday this year, plan mini-getaways or staycations to break up your routine and have something to look forward to. A change of scenery, even for a day, can work wonders for motivation and creativity. An all-day pyjama party counts as a staycation too!