Over Half of Employees Worried About Losing Their Job Altogether After An Injury

Recovering from an injury can take a serious toll, not only on your physical well-being, but on your mental health, too. Among the biggest sources of stress is often the thought that you’ll end up unable to work. Perhaps you might fear that your recovery will take so long that your employer will make plans to replace you; perhaps you might fear that you’ll never make a full recovery!

These concerns are widely shared amongst people in this position. The National Accident Helpline, a personal injury and no-win no-fee specialist, recently launched an awareness-raising campaign called ‘Make it Right’. This campaign aims to correct some of the misconceptions surrounding workplace injury, and remove some of the barriers which prevent people from making a claim and returning to work.

Part of this campaign was formed by a survey of accident victims in the UK. Of those questioned, 57% reported that they’d worried about losing their job entirely. Moreover, more than half reported that their ability to work had been compromised by their recovery. Workplace stress is a widespread and pervasive problem – and this makes it worse.

The stress isn’t just limited to those who’ve actually suffered the injury. When questioned, the children of accident victims report that they’re suffering, too. 61% of children in this situation have worried about a parent’s health during this period, and 47% even had trouble sleeping.

Financial Stress

Of course, those who find themselves in this position are often caught between conflicting motivations. They want the income that comes with secure work, and they may have financial commitments to meet. But at the same time, their recovery might be endangered by returning to work too quickly. In cases where the workplace is also the scene of the accident, rushing back may cause a huge amount of avoidable stress.

Financial compensation can help to lessen this source of stress, and ultimately make the transition back into working life safer and more secure. But many accident victims are reluctant to claim compensation, even when they understand that they’re entitled to it. They might believe that the process is risky or difficult, or that there’s some ethical reason to avoid seeking compensation.

These are the attitudes that the Make it Right campaign seeks to draw out into the open. We have only a vague understanding of the full impact of workplace injuries. In part, this is because stress and worry is difficult to properly quantify. But a big contributor is the fact that so many of us are willing to suffer in silence rather than seeking help during what might be a difficult recovery. By discussing these feelings, and seeking compensation through a no-win-no-fee injury solicitor, injury sufferers can give themselves a much greater chance of a favourable outcome.

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