Tech advice for businesses during Covid-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacting work and life in the UK, workforce management solution, Quinyx, has announced that it is offering employers free access to its communications modules and mobile app.

The communications module allows employers to securely and seamlessly message their workforce. It is designed to support quick and easy communication between employers and front-line deskless staff, who often do not have a formal, instant communications channel in place.

Quinyx will provide the communications module and app free of charge for six months, to help employers manage the health and safety of their remote workers and the wider public. The solution can be used to help employers keep all employees updated on the status of the organisation, staff needs, changes to opening hours and new policies or procedures as a result of pandemic.

The functions employers will be able to access for free are:

  • Efficient communication
    • Employers will receive access to Qmail, a form of e-mail where company email accounts aren’t necessary. Messages can be shared directly, or in groups, to all employees.
  • Stress level tracking
    • Using Quinyx Pulse, employers can gauge how employees are feeling – through survey questions that appear as a push notification on the mobile app.
  • Easy contact information access
    • A people directory gives businesses fast access to their organisations’ contact information, which can assist in rapidly sharing details about the COVID-19 impact.
  • Effort recognition
    • Using Badge, businesses can recognise employee achievements and engage staff with rewarding recognition through the mobile app.

The information has been shared with current clients and via the Quinyx website. Employers who want to register for the platform should visit the site and fill out a contact form. A Quinyx representative will then be in touch within 24 hours.

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