Despite their high frequency mobile use, and perceptions of ‘head in screen’, over three quarters (78%) of ‘app generation’ teenagers believe that it’s still important to meet people face-to-face for work, according to research from Fuze.

As well as appreciating in-person meetings, over half (57%) of teenagers also say that they prefer interaction through face-to-face video calls rather than traditional voice calls.

This use of video could also be driving greater productivity, with newly released data from the Fuze Communications Index report suggesting that video is a key driver for productivity. When users turn on their video or screen share during a meeting, attendees stay connected for 87 percent of the time. Without, they only remain connected for 75 percent of the meeting. With an average meeting time in the U.K. of 36.3 minutes, this increase in face-to-face interaction could translate to an extra 4.4 minutes of engagement.

Commenting on the research, Jackie Groves RVP UK, at Fuze said,

“Today’s businesses must adapt to an increasingly multigenerational workforce, providing tools and technologies that meet with a wide array of different employee needs and expectations. Despite these generational divides, it’s clear that face-to-face communication isn’t going away. In-person meeting spaces and offices designed for collaboration are just as important now as they’ve ever been. What businesses need to do is install the right technology to enhance those collaborative spaces and bring all members of the team together — regardless of when, where, or how they choose to work.”

To find out more about Fuze’s research into productivity and the future of work, download the Fuze Communications Index report. Or, to find out more about the App Generation, visit the Fuze blog.