Partnership between two industry-leading companies harnesses Deel’s global payroll capabilities and Carta’s equity management platform 

San Francisco, May 14, 2024Deel, the leading global payroll and HR company, announced today its strategic partnership with Carta, the trusted equity management platform, to streamline the process of exercising stock options for global employees by automating global equity tax withholding and ensuring compliance with varying tax regulations.

With companies increasingly hiring across borders, granting equity to international employees has become more challenging due to the complexities of global tax regulations. Accurately calculating local taxes, withholding appropriate amounts, and ensuring timely payments to various jurisdictions has historically been a time-consuming and complicated process.

This industry-first partnership seamlessly integrates Deel’s global payroll capabilities with Carta’s equity management expertise to deliver a comprehensive solution. Together, they simplify compliance while empowering employees with an accessible way to manage their equity.

Companies using Carta and Deel can now automatically sync equity events across platforms. When global employees exercise their options, Deel will log these transactions, calculate local taxes, and handle payment collection for local authorities.

Employees can now pay for their option exercises in their home currencies. Deel will collect funds and handle foreign exchange via its payment rails and ensure the employee’s shares are fully paid for by forwarding the correct amount to the company in USD. This solves a common pain point for foreign employees who are looking to exercise their options, and will help avoid frequent delays associated with trying to transfer USD to cover employee exercise costs.

This strategic integration reinforces Deel’s mission to empower businesses with efficient, comprehensive tools for managing a global workforce, simplify equity administration, and make it easier for global teams to manage their total compensation.


Ryan Freeman, Head of Partnerships at Deel, said: 

“Deel’s partnership with Carta is transformative for companies providing equity benefits to their international teams. As two industry-leading platforms, we’re constantly seeking innovative ways to simplify global workforce management, and this integration embodies our commitment to help businesses navigate the complexities of cross-border equity administration. Together with Carta, we’re making global ownership accessible to all, helping companies worldwide create more engaged and motivated teams, and ensuring ownership opportunities reach every corner of the globe.”


Reed McBride, VP, Strategic Partnerships and Ecosystem Development at Carta, said:

“Our groundbreaking partnership with Deel marks an industry first in global equity management, delivering an integration that simplifies the complexities of international money transfer and tax compliance. With Deel’s cross-border expertise and our innovative approach, we’re offering a revolutionary solution. Our integration empowers companies to confidently provide global equity to their international team members while ensuring simplified funds flows for option exercises, with precise tax withholdings. By blending Carta’s cutting-edge technology with Deel’s compliance know-how, we’re pioneering accessible ownership opportunities for international teams.”


In addition to the partnership, Deel has announced significant updates to Deel Equity, expanding support for additional equity types and providing detailed information like vesting schedules, grant details, expiration dates, and comprehensive documentation. Companies can now monitor their employees’ compensation with built-in reports covering benefits, equity payroll, and more.

Global equity tax withholdings, powered by Carta and Deel, aims to create more owners in every corner of the world. At launch, the integration will cover Deel EOR and Deel Global Payroll employees in France, Germany, India (Deel Global Payroll only), Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, and Switzerland, with a number of countries being added soon.

Companies using Carta and Deel can activate the Carta integration in their Deel accounts today to automate their global equity tax withholding.