Generali UK Employee Benefits has announced an expansion of its core EAP support services, brought to clients by Global Total Wellbeing Provider LifeWorks, in a move that it says will challenge the traditional long-held view by some in the industry that EAPs embedded within other products – group risk or health – represent a poor imitation of their standalone peers.

Generali LifeWorks’ EAP provides its Group Income Protection (GIP) customers – and their employees – with 24/7 access to its suite of work and life support services at no extra cost. Everything is available in one app, via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The insurer, which provides group risk support to some of the world’s biggest businesses, says its EAP now affords both employees and employers greater opportunities to personalise the wellbeing offering, as well as allowing for detailed reporting capabilities.

Generali says that as part of its integrated programme of added value wellbeing benefits, employers are afforded support to help meet their preventative healthcare and back to work goals.

Generali Lifeworks’ Core services now include: 

  • More ways to access expert counselling support. Now in addition to telephonic counselling and self-referral for up to 6 face-to-face sessions per issue, expert support is also available via video conferencing. Digital counselling programmes can also be accessed directly through the app and website, focusing on areas such as anxiety, stress and grief. As employees go through the modules, they’re also offered opportunities to connect with a counsellor if needed.
  • Valuable extension to uninsured. The full range of counselling services including up to 6 face to face or telephonic appointment based sessions, is now available to all employees and not just for the GIP insured.
  • A personalised wellbeing newsfeed. Employees simply select their areas of interest – whether that be physical, emotional, financial or social – and then tailored 3-minute content (from articles to videos, calculators and tools) appear in a dedicated page on their newsfeed.
  • A wide range of perks and savings. For example, up to 3% savings via digital gift cards; plus, savings on your weekly grocery shopping; and lifestyle offers such as an average of 25% off cinema tickets available on all major chains.

Generali is also making available its Wellbeing Investment Matching initiative to help employers part or fully fund any additional ‘Enhanced’ services from LifeWorks where a specific need is identified. These are services that fall outside of the added-value package, as described above, and include: digital and telephonic physical health coaching; participation-driven rewards incentives; health risk assessments; enhanced perks and tailored support for HR on establishing and analysing key metrics.

Simon Thomas, Director at Generali UK Employee Benefits, comments: 

“Coupled with the invaluable financial resilience aspect, the full programme of wellbeing support afforded to employers and employees via Group Income Protection is second to none. Not only could our EAP be considered as comprehensive as standalone variants, it also brings to companies the huge advantage of being part of an integrated pathway of support – everything from expert mental health diagnostics and second opinion services to rehabilitation and support in making reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act.

“In short, everything an organisation needs to play a more active role in supporting the overall health of their employees in line with imminent Government-led changes. I’m talking here about the upcoming April 2020 legislation requiring an employer to provide day one written access to all new employees of their main employment terms and conditions, including sick pay entitlements. Those companies showing they offer a lot more than just the standard sick pay requirements will stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of recruitment. In addition, offering a robust Group Income Protection product – and proactively using the added value benefits – will help employers demonstrate a leading position in advance of expected mandatory reporting* around disability and inclusivity.”

Neil King, President, LifeWorks and Executive Vice President, Morneau Shepell comments:

The LifeWorks platform, powered by our clinical excellence, trusted EAP and award-winning wellbeing features, builds workplace culture and improves employee health and wellness. Combining LifeWorks with Generali’s support services provides more comprehensive support to individuals looking to improve their health and wellbeing, and more tools to employers looking to meet healthcare and productivity goals. For employers and individuals, this improves the quality of the care and support they receive.”