Careers fairs are a great opportunity to get your company name out there, but with so many other businesses attending, it can be tricky to gain attention for your stand. Here, John Armstrong, Director and Co-Owner of branding specialist, Custom Planet, discusses how you can help your business stand out at a careers fair.

Looking to raise your company’s profile at a career fair? You’re not alone. These events welcome businesses from all over the UK who are looking to connect with qualified candidates for their job vacancies and get their company name out there. But, with so much competition at these events, it can seem difficult to stand out from the crowd.

The good news is that it’s not impossible; it’ll just take some thought and effort. Here, I will be sharing my top tips for attracting new recruits to your careers fair stand.

Create effective marketing materials
First impressions count, and this will be more important than ever when you’re surrounded by other stands fighting to attract the same candidates as you.But, having the right marketing materials laid out can help you gain some extra attention.

While you’ll want candidates to stop and have a chat at your stall, at such busy events it’s not always possible, so you’ll need to provide something that attendees can quickly pick up or be handed while they pass by. Leaflets are great for sharing information about your company and the roles available. These should always have your company’s branding and contact details on.

For a less traditional way of advertising, why not design some freebies you can hand out?I recommend choosing something that potential candidates will find useful. This could include anything from USBs, to water bottles and bottle openers. Anything that is somehow relevant to your business or event is likely to make an impact!

Design an eye-catching team uniform
The staff you send to these events will be responsible for gaining interest in your business, but you can help them to stand out at face value by designing a fun uniform. Clothing that’s too formal can make your staff seem intimidating, so opting for a more relaxed style is likely to be more effective.

Short or long-sleeved T-shirts in one standout block colour and that have a clear copy of your logo on them are great for attracting attention. This doesn’t mean you need to have your staff wearing anything extremely bright, especially if it doesn’t fit in with your branding, but you should opt for something with a little character. Think pastels or clean white or neutral hues for a more inviting aesthetic. You can always add darker shades into your logo and branding!

Use social media to get the word out
Getting word out about your attendance at career fairs will not only encourage people interested in your company to come along, but it can also motivate people who don’t know much about your business to do a bit of research before they come to the fair. This means that you may be more likely to attract quality candidates who are passionate for what you do.

Social media is essentially free advertising and can help you to reach your target audience, or people who already follow you on these platforms. As well as posting on your own platforms, you should also take advantage of pages of career fairs you’re attending. Commenting and liking posts and interacting with public comments can help to get word out and encourage more people to come to your stall.

Train your staff to interact with potential candidates
Your staff are bound to already have great communication skills, but it’ll be worth training them to use their body language to attract people to your staff.

The staff working the stall should keep their head up and shoulders square and always greet visitors with a smile. Eye contact is also crucial as failing to do so can insinuate disinterest in the prospective candidate, which may make them feel unconfident even if they are qualified and capable for your vacancies. Nodding during conversation to express understanding and show they are listening to the visitor can also help to build a rapport between the candidate and your company, which may encourage them to apply to work with you.

Make sure your company stands out at the next career fair you attend with my top four tips. From designing the right uniform to spreading the word on social media, it’ll be worth planning ahead.