SunLife, part of the Phoenix Group, one of the largest providers of insurance services in the United Kingdom, has partnered with Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform to launch Insights, a new employee pulse survey tool for gathering and acting on feedback in a way that improves company culture and performance.

In an effort to move away from quarterly employee temperature checks, SunLife was seeking a solution that would deliver real-time employee insight to help identify blind-spots and validate anecdotal feedback. As a long term Perkbox customer, SunLife identified Perkbox Insights as a great solution thanks to its instant-access dashboard analytics – removing time consuming internal data analysis and organising and interpreting feedback in a way that talks to the whole business.

Feedback and transparency is a priority to the leadership team at SunLife. In conjunction with the launch of Perkbox Insight, SunLife’s CEO Dean Lamble embarked on the Lunch Bunch – lunching with employees in small groups over several months to gather face-to-face feedback. As well as hearing about the employee experience first-hand, the Lunch Bunch delivered a range of anecdotal feedback that was ultimately reflected within Perkbox Insights.

SunLife has achieved a consistently high average response rate of 60% on the Insights platform (well above the average survey response rate of 35%). To achieve this, it has adopted an innovative technique: weekly surveys are sent from a different member of the leadership team every week, who add their own twist and observations to the message.

This keeps employees’ interest in the pulse surveys lively, gives everyone something to look out for and manages the risk of people becoming complacent or blind to generic survey messages.

After completing a full cycle of Insights questions, the company is carrying out a full review of the feedback across teams, over-laying Insights feedback with the feedback taken from the Lunch Bunch. They then decide where the most pressing improvements should be made to the workplace environment. The company’s aim is to choose two or three areas that will make the most positive impact on employees.

Hayley Kenny, Enterprise Account Manager at Perkbox says:

“As one of our earliest launches on Insights, SunLife were a dream team to work with. Prior to launching company-wide, they began with a small cross-functional focus group who provided feedback to their dedicated launch manager prior to rollout. This made the launch process as seamless as possible and it is a true testament to how collaboration between Perkbox and its customers can lead to great results.” 

Marie Aitken, Chief People Officer at SunLife says: “The look and feel of Perkbox Insights really resonated with us. The engagement drivers, simple language, ease of use and the ability to give feedback on any of the engagement drivers has worked well for employees and the People team. The instant dashboard was a big draw as it can give us real time insight to how SunLifers are feeling. There’s also lots of flexibility in how the pulse surveys can be run which means that we have plenty of options of when we can stop and start surveys, as well as who we sent it to, without adding unnecessary administration or cost.”

SunLife launches Perkbox Insights to turn employee feedback into action