Since the Supreme Court ruling in July 2017 that abolished fees on all employment tribunals, cases have dramatically increased. The first quarter of the 2018 financial year saw the number of single employment tribunal claims increase by 165% compared to the same period in 2017.

Though rumours persist that the government may be planning to reintroduce fees, this has been seriously opposed by many in the legal sector, including Andrew Walker QC, Chairman of the Bar Council.

Speaking after the news that the government is potentially considering a ‘progressive’ new fee scheme, Walker said that:

“People in need of justice have enough hurdles to overcome already.”  

“Justice is not a service bought by individuals for their private benefit, nor should it be treated in this way,” he added. 

The rising demand for aid has sparked UNU Group to launch a free legal helpline, designed to offer support and advice on employment law queries.

Founded by a group of industry experts, the helpline is designed to offer impartial advice to claimants, with a trusted network of partner legal firms to assist with the progression of cases if necessary.

UNU Group Director Nigel Allen explained:

“We know it can seem daunting to open an employment tribunal claim, especially if it’s against a larger company, and many people simply don’t know where to start so sadly they are left suffering in silence. 

“Abolishing fees was a huge step in making the process fairer for everyone, and we wanted to mirror that by offering our services without any cost implication. Hopefully we can offer anyone who has a claim the confidence to seek compensation.”  

As well as supporting those with queries around employment law, the UNU Group helpline offers support with a range of other claims cases and legal services, regardless of the situation.

The 24-hour helpline can be reached on 0800 085 8512. For more information, visit