Whether you are just starting or have been in the construction business for many years, growing your business will require careful planning. The good news is that there are several easy steps that you can take to ensure success and growth in this competitive industry. Here are some of them.


  1. Recruit Well

Your employees play a huge role in the overall success of your company. Therefore, you need to make sure that you hire the right people for the job. Choose those that you can trust to handle any projects with less supervision on your part. That way, you can use your time to focus on the more important aspects of growing your business.

When hiring, consider using a recruitment agency that specialises in the field of construction. These agencies have a better knowledge of the technical skills and roles needed in a particular position. For instance, if you need to hire a quantity surveyor, they will refer you to the best applicant possible, someone who has the knowledge and experience to take up this role.


  1. Use Local Materials

A lot of construction businesses have closed down simply because they cannot keep up with the increasing overhead costs. One way to lower the cost is to use locally sourced materials. These materials will save you money in the transportation and delivery of materials on site. But aside from lowering the overall cost of the project, they can also help to add value to the property.

Perhaps the biggest benefit in using local materials lies in the fact that you are somehow helping the local economy in your own little ways. This will also earn you goodwill with the local council and will make applying for planning permissions even easier.


  1. Factor in All the Costs

As with any business, it’s very important that you pay close attention to the overhead expenses. Be aware of any additional costs before you accept any project. When sending out bids, factor in the costs involved, especially with the labour and materials.

Another way to save money on overhead expenses is to establish a relationship with third-party companies. You might want to look wider than the town you live but if you live in Essex it’s a good idea to look for suppliers and scaffolding companies based in Essex instead of hiring someone from, say, London, who will charge you an extra fee for travel. Look for skips and scaffolding company in your area and see if you can build a partnership with them. Your partnership will give you access to huge discounts, which can save you a lot of money on future construction projects.


  1. Don’t Neglect Marketing

Even though it’s possible to bring in more customers and increase your customer base through word of mouth, it’s important that you invest in the marketing aspects of your business, especially in digital marketing. In this day and age of the Internet, most customers would turn to the World Wide Web when looking for companies so you should not fall behind if you want your construction business to grow.

Digital marketing means having an online presence and using social media channels to interact with your target audiences. A successful digital marketing campaign also involves email marketing campaigns, blog posts, and social media posts. Try to focus on marketing your business locally and make sure that the address and phone number on your website are updated.



By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.