HR officewo business people using tablet preparing for next meeting and discussing ideas with colleagues in the background

Your office space can make a huge difference on the productivity of your employees, and beyond simply being a place to work, your office should serve as a hub of creativity and inspiration.

So, whether you’re setting up your first office or redesigning an existing workspace, here are just five fantastic tips to help you create an inspiring office that fosters innovation and improves productivity and employee retention.

1.      Embrace Natural Light

Natural light is a fundamental element of interior design and can have a huge impact on your office space. Not only does it help to reduce eye strain, but it can boost the mood and productivity of your team members.

Try to position desks and workstations near windows to maximise exposure to daylight. And, in conference rooms that require screen presentations, install black out blinds such as those from Hillarys so that you can control when the light is allowed to enter the space.

2.      Prioritise Ergonomics

Providing your employees with ergonomic furniture is essential for creating a productive and healthy work environment.

Invest in chairs and desks such as those from Posturite that provide good support and encourage healthy posture.

You should also consider incorporating ergonomic accessories like footrests and specifically designed keyboards to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

By prioritising the comfort of your employees, you can enhance their overall job satisfaction and help to make them more productive.

3.      Promote Flexibility and Collaboration

Traditional cubicles are becoming increasingly outdated as brands realise the benefits of collaboration and workplace flexibility.

Consider designing your office layout with open spaces and communal areas that encourage your employees to share ideas and interact.

By fostering a culture of collaboration, you can make the most of the creativity of your team and drive innovation through collaborations within your business.

4.      Curate Inspirational Decor and Artwork

The aesthetics of your office can play a significant role when seeking to inspire your employees. Invest in artwork that reflects your company’s brand and culture in order to spark imagination and generate positive emotions.

This could include everything from wall hangings to sculptures — in fact, wire manufacturers, Ormiston Wire, have worked with sculptors all over the world to create stunning art installations for businesses.

By surrounding your team with visually stimulating features, you can help to ignite their passion and encourage them on the path to excellence.

5.      Create Zones for Relaxation

While space to work is the main requirement of an office space, incorporating areas for relaxation can help to improve your employees well being, and therefore, their overall performance.

Create quiet, and cosy lounge areas with comfortable seating and soft lighting to five your team space to unwind and enjoy moments of relaxation during a stressful work day.

You should also consider providing amenities such as coffee bars, snack stations, or even game rooms as these can promote socialisation and improve relationships, thus leading to better collaboration.

By providing your employees with benefits that improve their well being, you can improve your staff retention rates and save money on continual recruitment.


Have you recently redesigned your office space? Share your tips for creating an inspirational setting in the comments below!