Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics are delighted to have joined forces with occupational health company, Fusion, with the aim of addressing a previously underserved aspect of occupation health – treating the root cause of menopause symptoms in the workplace. 

It has been estimated that menopause is costing the UK economy a staggering £10b from 14m working days lost annually due to menopause symptoms, combined with the number of women leaving the workforce due to lack of menopause awareness and support, and the financial implications of replacing them.  

The UK workforce is ageing and, according to the Office for National Statistics, menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace, making up 11% of the working demographic and 23% of all women in employment, with 4.3m women aged 50-65 in the workforce. 

According to the latest GenM Invisibility Report, 1 in 4 women have left their job due to menopause, only 1 in 5 women believe their employer is well-informed about the menopause and its associated symptoms, almost 50% of menopausal employees are reluctant to raise the subject at work for fear of being negatively perceived or sidelined and a whopping 88% would like more support from their workplace It’s eminently apparent that women are struggling to balance the demands of work with the physical, emotional and psychological symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and given the statistics, menopause in the workplace should be of paramount importance to every company’s strategic agenda. 

Fusion Workplace Health and Wellbeing was established in 2016 and provides a powerful occupational health service, combined with a proactive digital health and wellbeing platform, to deliver a full-service package designed to support HR and H&S teams in implementing better occupational health and wellness strategies throughout their business. 

The nationwide team of experts help clients to plan, evaluate and evidence measurable results in line with relevant legislation, with key services including management referrals, new starter assessments, occupational health and wellbeing programmes and workshops, annual health surveillance assessments, mindfulness coaching and Day 1 absence management service all underpinned with intelligent automation technology.  

They also provide the Fuse AI Health and Wellbeing App, designed to revolutionise the world of workplace health & wellbeing through digital AI technology, offering inclusive healthcare solutions and enabling you to consolidate your employee benefits via a digital wellbeing assistant and interactive wellbeing support. This includes measurable health and wellness analytics for employers. Proven benefits include reductions in sickness absence, along with improved employee health, productivity, and engagement. 

Fusion’s primary goal in working with Bodyline is to enhance their service offering by providing a clinically supported menopause treatment plan, aiming to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace combined with menopause assessments and awareness training.   This approach positively contributes to inclusive and a supportive work environment and therefore enhances health, productivity, and job satisfaction, whilst also reducing levels of absenteeism and early retirement. 

Moving forward, both organisations are looking forward to seeing positive outcomes – Fusion will be able to offer an expanded range of clinically supported perimenopause and menopause services to their clients, whilst Bodyline will be able to extend its expertise in menopause treatment and support to a wider audience, ensuring more individuals can benefit from their gold-standard medical wellness programmes. Their combined expertise will lead to the development of innovative solutions and continuous improvement of menopause services within the occupational health and wellness sector, opening up new market opportunities and expanding reach and business growth. 

Speaking about building on the success of their joint webinars around menopause awareness day in October, Sally-Ann Turner, Managing Director and Founder of Bodyline, has this to say: 

“Providing access to Bodyline’s clinical menopause treatment and support, the M Plan, via occupational health providers is not only beneficial for the well-being of menopausal employees but also the overall success of an organisation.  

“Occupational health providers, such as Fusion, play a critical role in offering a clinical pathway for a menopausal workforce.  Signposting to gold standard hormone replacement therapy treatment that has a holistic approach, not only demonstrates that the menopause is prioritised in their occupational health programmes but also supports legal compliance obligations and fosters a culture of inclusion.  Ultimately, this leads to increased productivity and employee retention.  

“Bodyline has collaborated with Fusion to ensure that its client’s employees have UK wide access to specialist perimenopause and menopause diagnosis, treatment, and support.  Fusion values the opportunity that Bodyline provides its clients and also the wider benefits of the corporate M Plan package. These benefits including support to understand the risk of menopause to their business, access to preventative strategies for menopause symptoms, training to increase perimenopause and menopause awareness and assistance to launch the M Plan within their organisations”. 

Clare Hurley, MD at Fusion, commented: 

 “One of the most important factors to us was the expertise and reputation that Bodyline has for successful patient outcomes. Their expertise in medical wellness treatments aligns well with our goal of providing high-quality occupational health services. Additionally, Bodyline offers bespoke and tailored solutions that correspond well to our determination to provide a wellbeing service that provides the best care in every situation. Their experience in collaborating with businesses to provide a both clinical and holistic solutions to business clients is also an incredible benefit. 

“Fusion also has its own USPs that we can bring to the existing Bodyline customer and patient journey. We have a history of providing outstanding occupational health services to a variety of clients with varying needs. Our services are speedy and reliable, providing a good return on investment. Our quality standards are continuously maintained at exceptionally high levels. Because of our end-to-end approach, our clients can focus on their business and our digital coverage drives wellbeing 24/7. Through high levels of engagement and delivering actionable analytics we encourage business success. 

“We are delighted to be working with Bodyline to enhance our services and be able to help our clients and their employees. We love partnering with likeminded businesses who feel like an extension of our existing team.”