Drivers in the UK have expressed their anxiety about getting behind the wheel again once lockdown has come to an end.

2,000 people were surveyed by which revealed the UK’s top reasons as to why they’re scared to drive. These include:

  • Assuming that more cyclists will be on the road
  • Other drivers not knowing how to drive properly
  • Having to look out for more pedestrians than normal
  • Driving on the motorway for the first time in months
  • Not remembering the rules of the road

Driving has decreased over the past four months, with more people choosing to walk or cycle. However, just 2% will consider a different mode of transport other than driving once these restrictions have come to an end.

The new data also revealed that those that are most nervous about sitting behind the wheel are the age group of 18-24 year olds, with a quarter of these saying they’re feeling anxious. In comparison, just 7% of those over the age of 55 have said that they’re feeling anxious. This could be down to having more driving experience.

Under-confidence isn’t everywhere though, with Sheffield being the most anxious city with 21% saying that they’re scared about driving again, whereas just 3% in Edinburgh expressed the same concerns.

Phil Morgan, Head of, says:

“It’s great to see that there will be a small increase in walkers and cyclists as they’re great ways to exercise, however, it does go to show that many people are worrying about something that’s unlikely to be the case.

Those that are worried about driving after lockdown should start driving a little more, even if it’s just to the local park for a walk or to the supermarket. Those small trips will help drivers get their confidence back in no time!”

Perhaps that the lockdown will encourage more people to use their work commute to get in their daily exercise afterall.