Circle K has successfully launched a scalable game-based training solution, with a virtual 3D Circle K  store to train frontline staff to achieve their customer service and sales goals.

From the benefits of making eye contact to recognizing opportunities for upselling, the game focuses  on building core sales and service standards across Circle K to help them achieve their mission of  “making customers lives a little bit better every single day.”

[Sales Reps] “can get an idea of what a good response is and what’s a great response to a situation – it  steers them towards best practice. In stores where more employees have certified, we’re seeing an increase in customer happiness as it relates to increased employee engagement in the program.”

Jens Rye, Director People Development Europe 

The game features customer interactions and realistic scenarios in a virtual 3D Circle K store. The  game provides a fun yet challenging experience, allowing the “players” to play through realistic  scenarios in the game that they can transfer to the real world. The learning journey covers the  customer experience from beginning to end including:

  • Working in store – focused on service fundamentals and maintaining a pristine store
  • Shining on the till – opportunities for tailored recommendations in the sales cycle
  • Feeling the pressure – combines sales and service excellence to elevate customer experience
  • Knowing your customer – challenges players to make tailored customer recommendations

‘Working in store’ and ‘Shining on the till’ are free-roam modules that give users an interactive, more  holistic experience – immersing them in realistic scenarios that will help them to notice opportunities  for upselling, different customer behaviors and how they can balance their customer service duties  with operational functions.

Customer Star has been rolled out to 14,000 staff. The results are impressive:

  • 96% of the knowledge gap closed
  • 97% of team members enjoyed this way of training
  • 93% would recommend this training to a colleague

“Even though I’m experienced in Circle K, I got the answer wrong several times. I thought it was  helpful as it made me rethink and see different solutions and opportunities. You learn more about  seeing the possibilities in each customer and fulfilling their needs… After ‘Customer Star’, I really do  feel I can deliver exceptional customer service.” Kristian Bertelsen, Store Manager Circle K. 

Assistant Store Manager Sarah Larson adds, “I thought ‘Customer Star’ was a fun way to learn and a  new way to learn. I loved the beat-your-boss competition. I actually beat my boss.”

With such positive feedback and outstanding results, Circle K is excited about the future of game based training. The next steps involve refining and expanding the ‘Customer Star’ program, ensuring  continuous growth and development for their teams.

About Circle K:  

Circle K is one of the most recognized convenience store brands in the world, known for its quality  products and excellence in customer service. First established in 1951, Circle K continues to expand  and grow its customer base around the world.

About Attensi: 

Attensi is a global leader in game-based training solutions with offices in Oslo, London, Cologne,  Stockholm and Boston. Their products and services, including their AI driven Creator Platform, are used by some of the most successful brands in the world across retail, hospitality, pharmaceuticals,  financial services, automotive and more. Established in 2013, Attensi solutions are making an impact  in over 150 countries around the world.