ClearBox Consulting, a trusted consultancy on intranet and digital workplaces, has published their industry leading report which reviews 33 intranet and employee experience platforms in depth, by assessing them for user experience, frontline support, internal communication, and seven further categories.

The report reviews every category of intranet, including independent intranet software, ‘in-a-box’ products for SharePoint, communications platforms, and new employee experience platforms.

Some of the leading providers contained and reviewed include SharePoint, Firstup, Interact, LiveTiles, LumApps, Omnia, Staffbase, Unily, Viva Connections, and more.

With their industry report, ClearBox Consulting seek to connect businesses with the best digital collaboration products for them, by providing the most comprehensive overview in the industry.

The report is also a response to the rise in hybrid working models, which has sparked a flurry of demand for digital collaboration suites and tools to improve internal communications for organisations.

Another aim of the report is to encourage businesses to engage the frontline workforce in the age of ‘The Great Resignation’.

Previous research from the Office for National Statistics revealed that in the UK, nearly 70 per cent of full-time workers are in an industry with a large proportion of frontline workers, however, only 7 per cent are being contacted or engaged by mobile. ClearBox’s report seeks to highlight the benefits of engagement, through digital tools such as intranets and mobiles.

Suzie Robinson, Consultant at ClearBox Consulting, said:

“We’ve seen just how vital digital ways of working are over the last couple of years, and now hybrid working patterns are an employer and employee expectation.

“A well-performing intranet, as the heart or glue of the digital workplace, has always been essential to knowledge workers but is now important to everyone, including frontline workers, as an access point to the organisation.

“Our unbiased reviews help match business needs to intranet solutions, saving time and assuring time-pressured teams they’re making well-informed decisions. Our assessments, scoring, and guidance offer instant expertise for growing and established businesses that want the best-fit choice.”

The 715-page report is available to download for free at