Global technology firm, Cognizant, has partnered with HR technology company Connectr to engage and hire its new UK graduate programme for 2022. Using Connectr’s platform, Cognizant will widen its reach and build a more diverse candidate pool through digital mentoring and upskilling. The partnership will initially focus on graduate talent and supporting outreach initiatives, before later targeting apprentices.
Employing over 330,000 people globally, the Fortune 500 company delivers technology and consultancy services to brands worldwide. Cognizant’s partnership with Connectr will ensure it builds a future pipeline of the best apprentices and graduates to continue its success. 
Connectr’s platform is branded bespoke to Cognizant, enabling their future talent to learn more about the organisation through digital learning content. This offers the candidate pool access to digestible insights into life at Cognizant and upskills them through essential application and assessment training modules. 
The platform also provides unlimited access to existing employees within Cognizant through the digital mentoring functionality. Candidates receive light-touch support, have access to existing role models within the business, have their questions answered and can envisage their future career trajectory. 
Cognizant are able to clearly assess their candidate engagement rates, feedback and behavioural trends throughout the hiring journey through Connectr’s live data reporting enabling Cognizant to optimize and tailor the candidate experience.
Speaking about the partnership, Vanessa Soames, Early Talent Director at Cognizant said: “Cognizant is delighted to have partnered with Connectr for the launch of our new graduate programme and to support our Outreach Initiatives. Connectr allows our target audience to have a true insight into the role by having the modules to work through and access to mentors. It also allows us to expand our reach in terms of widening participation and provide opportunities and add skills to talent, who would otherwise not have access.”
William Akerman, Founder and Managing Director at Connectr, added: “I am thrilled to be working alongside a global leader who is so dedicated to engaging and nurturing underrepresented early talent. Technology is a key enabler to delivering at-scale impact to overlooked individuals. Our partnership has already seen some fantastic initial results and I look forward to seeing the full impact we’ll deliver as our collaboration continues.”   
Built upon a heritage in ED&I, Connectr’s technology enables organisations to engage, nurture and retain a diverse talent and create meaningful employment opportunities for people of all backgrounds. As well as delivering a candidate experience solution to partners, Connectr also offers a mentoring platform for employees, allowing businesses to develop, progress and retain their people.