The business comparison experts at Bionic have collected job data from Indeed, Totaljobs and Reed to discover which industries mention remote working the most in their online job postings. It also analysed which cities are best to work in for flexible working hours based on how many ‘flexible working’ jobs appear in each UK city.

IT and Tech Is the UK’s Best Industry For Remote Working

That’s according to a combination of data from the three different job sites, with 21% of jobs being fully or partly remote in this industry. Insurance and Media came second with 19% of jobs in these industries being fully or partly remote. The full list was:

  1. IT and Tech: 21%
  2. Insurance: 19%
  3. Media: 19%
  4. Marketing and PR: 18%
  5. Human Resources: 13%
  6. Finance: 12%
  7. Legal: 11%
  8. Accountancy: 10%
  9. Recruitment: 10%
  10. Entertainment: 9%


Perth is the best city in the UK to find jobs that are more open to flexible working. In fact, the top three best cities for flexible working were all Scottish: Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen.  Joining them in the top 10 were Belfast, Manchester, Bristol, Norwich, Winchester and Durham.

Les Roberts, Content Manager at Bionic provided some additional guidance on how workers can work more productively at home:

“Adding some structure to your day can help eliminate certain distractions, so try to get into a routine of regular work and frequent breaks.

The Pomodoro Technique, for instance, means working solidly for 25 minutes then taking a break for five. Even if you have your head buried deep into a project, this short break every 25 minutes can really help to clear your mind, especially if you use it to get away from your screens by going outside, dipping into a newspaper or magazine, or getting one chapter of a book read.”