DHR Health, a leading healthcare system in south US, has reported significant gains in productivity and staff retention as a result of a partnership with Edge, the global hiring platform.

After working for 12 months with Edge to address persistent staffing challenges across the services it provides to 1.4m patients, DHR Health has seen transformative results, including a 71% increase in productivity, a 20% reduction in open positions and 53% reduction in time taken to hire new team members.

With the support of Edge’s hiring platform, DHR Health has successfully recruited and deployed a team of 42 remote administrative personnel across 13 departments, able to carry out essential administrative tasks, including scheduling, insurance verification, and prior authorizations. The solution is capable of fostering scalability across the organization’s multifaceted healthcare operations.

The issues that DHR Health identified are challenges facing many healthcare businesses at the moment, with administrative work consuming one-sixth of U.S. physicians’ working hours and lowering career satisfaction. On top of that, 34% of doctors worldwide have observed increased medical errors, attributing the cause in part to staffing shortages and constant stress.

Less than 40% of positions are currently being filled in the healthcare industry, leading to increased wait times, diminished patient-provider interaction and a decline in patient satisfaction.

Edge provides scalable, affordable and adaptable HR solutions that seamlessly connect exceptional talent from all over the world with businesses that need them, providing access to a broader talent pool, and addressing the skills gap that exists with 1.5 million fewer Americans participating in the labor force.  With it often taking practices 3+ months to fill an open front office position, Edge has helped DHR Health to achieve a 53% decrease in hiring time.

Edge’s platform allows businesses such as DHR Health to automate screening processes, implementing AI tools for efficient resume screening to ensure a fair and timely initial selection. It also ensures enhanced candidate matching, using machine  learning to match candidates with job vacancies based on skills and experiences. It also enables the streamlining of onboarding, with new hires able to complete any paperwork and training online, and training able to be tailored to the specific skills and knowledge gaps of employees.

Dr. Marcel Twahirwa of DHR Health said: “We sought to partner with Edge to make it easier for patients to access the practice and to remedy the constant turnover of office based staff. Edge provided well trained professionals that were able to adapt to our clinic’s needs and help facilitate communication between patients, providers and office staff which has resulted in increased patient satisfaction. Edge has been the difference that our clinic needed.

Iffi Wahla, CEO and co-founder of Edge, said: “The world of work has changed profoundly since the pandemic. Businesses and employees now realize the value of tech enabled remote and flexible working. This opens the door to the creation of global virtual workforces for companies of any size. Not only does this solve localized expertise shortages, it also enables businesses to gain access to an unprecedented pool of talent. They can build the highest caliber team to better serve their clients while reducing costs and the time taken to recruit.

“Our work with DHR Health is a prime example of how better recruitment tech can help to transform the way healthcare providers operate and ultimately improve the patient experience.”