Applaud, the employee experience platform, has launched its latest product release – Palladium. Named after the iconic London theatre, the Palladium release introduces a bundle of new features from social reactions to simplified sign-in, designed to help all employees access the platform from any device with ease, regardless of their location.

Social Reactions: Enhancing Employee Engagement

One of the standout features of the Palladium release is the introduction of social reactions. This new feature allows employees to engage with content by liking, loving, celebrating, and marking it as insightful. To take interaction a step further, employees can provide feedback through thumbs-up or thumbs-down reactions, as well as engage in discussions by leaving comments and replies. The power of social reactions can be applied to any aspect that a customer chooses to show in the platform – whether that be knowledge content, benefits, learning courses, suggested career opportunities, or any other area they wish to include. By creating a more interactive environment, businesses can gauge the effectiveness of their content and strengthen employee engagement.

Extended Languages: A Global Approach

Applaud recognises the global scope of modern businesses and is dedicated to providing solutions tailored to diverse regions. With the Palladium release, the platform now offers an extended list of translated languages, including but not limited to Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, and Korean. Organisations can seamlessly accommodate their international workforce through automatic translation of all custom content, breaking down language barriers and also ensuring a consistent and inclusive experience for all users.

Simplified Sign-In Processes

An additional feature included in Palladium is a simplification of the sign-in process. The updates make it easier and faster for employees to access Applaud, find the answers they’re looking for, and interact with services. This improvement is designed to help frontline workers “drop in” to the app to engage with the platform in the very limited time they have.

Duncan Casemore, co-founder and CTO at Applaud, remarked, “Our customer offerings are in a constant state of evolution to align with user needs. Enabling social reactions for list items is a simple yet powerful way to give employees a voice and allows them to express their feelings in a constructive manner. And what better way to embrace the employee voice than by expanding language options, opening up opportunities for millions across the globe.”

In addition, the Palladium release also includes:

Simplified Workflow Management with “Go To” Action: Enhancing workflow efficiency by introducing a “Go To” action, enabling admin users to streamline chat and workflow setup, reducing the need for duplication and making no-code development even faster. Each feature is designed to enhance the user experience, streamline HR processes, and promote engagement within the organisation.

Import & export users: Advancements have been made in the Applaud setup process with the import and export user features. Operators can now save valuable time when creating or updating user records in bulk, using spreadsheets within the user model, or by creating an integration to handle the whole process.

Casemore continued, “Our primary focus while developing Palladium has revolved around one central goal: enhancing the user experience, whether that be through facilitating increased engagement among staff or providing HR with more efficient workflows. This not only saves valuable time and resources by reducing the burden of arduous tasks but also underscores the idea that even minor time savings can lead to improved user experiences and drive long-term business growth”
For more information on the Palladium release and its features, please visit the Applaud website.

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