Lingio, the responsible AI for learning platform dedicated to unlocking future labor market potential, is proud to announce the international launch of its new AI Course Creator. The AI solution generates industry-relevant training courses within seconds and transforms documents or text into engaging, industry-specific learning experiences to support upskilling, information sharing and equitable training opportunities in the workplace.

Despite having 2.7 billion deskless workers worldwide and representing 80 percent of the global workforce, only 1 percent of software and technology investments have been allocated to this segment. Yet, 91 percent of deskless workers demand better training software, indicating a substantial need for a re-imagined training and development solution. Three ex-colleagues from Spotify and EA Games decided to harness their technology, product and game development skills to innovate a product that meets this need, and in 2019 they received a public grant to leverage AI for workplace training to support their vision. Lingio launched their first generative AI training solution from this research, the Lingio AI Course Creator, which accelerates upskilling and reskilling in the current labor market.

Unlike most other generative AI solutions on the market, Lingio provides reliable and verifiable content. The learning model leverages four years of AI use-case testing from large enterprise organizations and only uses reliable source material such as company training documents or online sources such as Wikipedia to ensure training material is generated with reliable sources. The AI model also requires an intuitive verification step that involves a human editor, to ensure all AI-generated questions and answers are also human-verified.

“We started this project in 2019 to revolutionize the way individuals and organizations approach learning and training in the workforce of the future,” said Yashar Moradbakhti, CEO of Lingio. “Instead of sharing training documents that employees may or may not have read or understood, our AI Course Creator helps you create gamified training courses in seconds that yield 12 times higher course completion rates compared to other solutions. The learning model is built on four years of research into verified AI practices proving our commitment to responsible technology and upholding the highest standards in AI for workforce training.”

The AI Course Creator harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to quickly generate customized, industry-specific courses, facilitating game-like, yet effective training experiences for employees across various sectors. The training courses can be used by anyone, whether it is an HR manager training staff about the latest cybersecurity policies or a hotel staff manager who needs to inform their staff of their latest customer service policies. The courses also enable labor market integration by offering translations for 100 languages, so all personnel can understand the training courses.

“To date, more than 10M skills exercises have been played through Lingio’s ready-made skills courses, but with the new AI Course Creator we’ve upleveled our current technology to offer our customers the tools they need to create, securely host and share their own company-specific training courses on our platform by themselves,” added Moradbakhti. “Our model is unique in the sense that it includes equitable training tools, such as built-in industry-reviewed translation support, so that workers of all backgrounds, education levels and language proficiency can learn new skills on their terms. We’re committed to inclusivity and equal opportunities in the workplace, so we work hard to provide equitable tools on our training platform.”

The Swedish startup was founded in 2015 to support labor market integration by Yashar Moradbakhti, Per-Olov Jernberg, and Morten Diesen, former colleagues at Spotify, EA Games, and MTG. Their shared vision for fostering education to help people into work, inspired the creation of Lingio as a platform to support immigrants in their journey toward social and economic empowerment, and most recently to support Ukrainian immigrants into the Swedish labor market. The company has now broadened its mission to support upskilling of the full workforce.

Key features and benefits of Lingio’s AI Course Creator include:

Industry Relevant Courses: Lingio’s platform ensures that courses are highly specific to industries, whether employees are based in front of the laptop or working in on-the-go industries such as home care, cleaning and transportation. It supports industry-specific technical terms and inclusive language that are reviewed by industry experts, therefore providing better industry translations than other solutions on the market today.
Reliable and Verified Training Content: Lingio uses reliable source content for creating the training material, for example, internal training documents or Wikipedia. Then, the generative AI is used to create questions based on the source content, and after, Lingio’s editor review mode makes it easy for the user to quickly verify the AI-generated questions and answers.
Gamification: Learning with Lingio is an engaging and fun experience, employing gamification techniques learned from previous employees of both Spotify and EA Games to encourage users to practice and learn more quickly. Its courses have 12 times higher course completion rates compared to other similar training solutions.
Customization: Lingio provides a high level of customization, allowing organizations to customize course content with their brand name, images, and tone of voice. AI-generated quizzes, dialogues and stories will use the organization name, relevant job roles, and industry terms.
Inclusive and Equal Terminology: Courses also include a mix of ethnicities, and represent all genders and people with disabilities, so the courses can cater to a wide array of audiences or employees.

To facilitate easy access to Lingio’s transformative AI Course Creator, the company offers a free trial for users that want to try the new AI course creator themselves. Lingio also provides scalable pricing options for businesses and enterprises.

The SaaS company recently received 41MSEK (around $3.8M USD) in funding by lead investor Backing Minds. Lingio is also a trusted solution for Scandic Hotels, Stockholm Municipality, Keolis, Nobina, Ambea and many other Swedish and international companies.

To learn more about Lingio’s AI Course Creator and its commitment to democratizing learning through AI, please visit Lingio’s official website at