During the pandemic, business owners have faced numerous challenges during the Covid-19 crisis, from adjusting to remote working, putting staff on furlough and letting staff go. We’ve seen some companies crumble as they have struggled to run their business from a new working environment. However, alldayPA has shown how industries have thrived as the call centre company as they received record breaking numbers of calls during the May bank holiday.

Founder of alldayPA, Reuben Singh has shared how SMEs and larger companies need to go the extra mile to ensure that their staff are taken care of and have the right working environment to return to the office when restrictions continue to ease in the lead up to June 21st. Along with sharing his thoughts on the importance of culture in the workplace, he also revealed why it’s essential to take care of your staff.


  • Do you offer flexible working hours? If so, what do you allow employees to have?  “Our call centres and the majority of our workforce have flexible shift options. As a business that operates for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, we allow flexible working options. We’re fully committed to our staff, so we only offer full employment and no temporary contracts.”
  • Do you give employees any free days of e.g. birthdays? “For some of our staff we do offer incentives such as days off. We also find that early finish or late start makes our employees more productive and that’s also an option to go with.”
  • Do you celebrate anniversaries in the workplace? “Yes we celebrate anniversaries in the workplace for specific times e.g. year and three year.”
  • Do you offer any wellbeing perks or discounts e.g.  free gym membership or discounts? “Yes we do, but this is something we are re-evaluating at the moment. Since we employ so many staff, it’s extremely difficult to find a standardised solution that would be enjoyed and utilised by the majority of our employees.”
  • Do you have any work free mental health services or therapy for staff? “Yes, we do and that’s included in our wellbeing program.”
  • Do you offer childcare vouchers? “Yes, we offer a scheme similar to that to some of our staff.”
  • Do you offer free breakfast or beverages e.g. water, tea, coffee to all staff?  “Yes, we also get some doughnuts, organise pizza days on a regular basis and do well done lunches.”
  • Do you offer any private medical treatments for staff – dentistry, doctors, opticians? “Yes, it is a part of our wellbeing programme.”
  • Do you all staff to work remotely? “ No we don’t due to the constant training provided to our staff and some regulation issues with the various Financial & Legal governing bodies. We don’t believe that working in one centralised location is necessarily a solution, so we do have more locations. When it comes to WFH, I don’t believe in that because of the size of our business. Culture in SMEs is created in the office and it’s very difficult to make it strive in a remote working environment.”

Founder of alldayPA Reuben Singh commented about businesses preparing to return to the office and the end of furlough:

“We’re a key worker organisation as we serve such a wide range of clients across the whole UK. Our Group Contact Centre Companies have remained fully operational 24 hours a day throughout this challenging period. We are profoundly grateful and proud of all our staff across the group for standing with us, to provide these vital services to those on the frontlines amongst others. Keeping the UK safe & operational to do what we can to help those saving lives & livelihoods during this time.”

What are your thoughts on the furlough ending? How will this impact businesses across the UK?  “There are positives and negatives as in any given situation. On one hand, businesses will be forced to reconsider and re-evaluate their business models. When furlough support from the government stops, company leaders will have to think hard: do we really need that level of staff as we had previously? On the other hand, a consequence of the furlough end that is inevitable is upcoming redundancies.”


By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.