Gravitas Recruitment Group, a leading, UK headquartered, international recruitment business, announces another major milestone in their growth strategy with the promotion of Kurt Schreurs to Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 July 2023. Kurt brings a wealth of leadership experience in the recruitment industry: leading 1,200 employees across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, and accountable for sales of over £600 million, before joining Gravitas.

After joining as Chief Revenue Officer in September 2022, Kurt led the next phase in Gravitas’ ambitious growth plans. This pivotal moment resulted in the expansion into the German market, with new offices in Munich and Frankfurt, and then the successful acquisitions of R2 Group in Rotterdam, and Hamlyn Williams’ China and Hong Kong operations.

Over the past nine months, Kurt, along with the Gravitas board of directors, have successfully implemented a robust strategic plan resulting in the Group maintaining a strong position in their specialisms of technology, insurance and financial services, despite prevailing, challenging market conditions. By building a strong and unique position, Gravitas continues to target and win wider market share, via organic growth and tailored acquisitions.

The creation of the CEO position represents a significant milestone for Gravitas and reflects the Group’s commitment to strategic growth and operational excellence.

Jonathan Ellerbeck, current Managing Director for the UK, will transition to Group Chairman, overseeing the group strategy, taking ownership of corporate governance, and driving acquisition opportunities.

Jonathan commented, “We are excited about the appointment of Kurt as CEO, after seeing his leadership in action with our recent expansion internationally. This evolution of our executive team sets a firm foundation for future growth and enables us to adapt and seize opportunities as they arise. Kurt brings a fresh perspective and new ideas, as we remain committed to empowering ambitions and providing exceptional experiences for our employees and customers.”

Gravitas is confident that these leadership changes will support its ongoing success and enhance its ability to navigate a dynamic and evolving marketplace.