With RingCentral research showing nearly half (49%) of British workers feel like they’re always on the job due to increasing notifications, the company has rolled out new AI-powered tools to help support employees. The research found that a quarter of UK workers now experience annoyance (24%) and anxiety (23%) from increased notifications on work apps. During Mental Health Awareness Week, RingCentral is urging businesses to leverage technology like AI to proactively support their employee’s mental wellbeing.  

RingCentral’s research reveals the app overload problem is taking a toll, with over half of employees (52%) toggling between six or more apps weekly. Younger workers (aged under 35) cite higher levels of anxiety (27%) and stress (26%) in response to workplace notifications than their older colleagues.Meanwhile, almost two thirds (63%) of workers are bringing work home with them by checking notifications outside of working hours. Alarmingly, a third of Gen Z and millennial workers say the barrage of notifications impacts time with loved ones.  

To combat this digital drain on productivity and work-life balance, through RingSense AI, RingCentral provides customers with personal AI assistants to supercharge productivity and transform everyday conversations into actionable insights. The new RingEX phone experience is transformed by RingSense AI, saving employees time on tedious manual tasks, while enabling them to optimise workflows and focus on more creative or strategic parts of their interactions. 

Steve Rafferty, VP International at RingCentral, says, “Communications is and will continue to remain at the heart of every business. As work continues to shift due to external factors, work and life boundaries are blurred more than ever before. Communication and collaboration tools have flooded the workplace heightening negative feelings of anxiety and stress and taking a significant toll on workers. While businesses should always prioritise employee wellbeing, Mental Health Awareness month is an opportune moment to take stock. One area to explore is how technology like AI can be used to power a new era of work – one that boosts productivity, while effectively supporting employee wellbeing.”