They say that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and whilst planning which restaurant to visit with friends, what to cook for a date or how to keep our children well nourished is high on our list of priorities, for some reason we seem to spare very little thought to the food we provide at work.
Corporate events are the occasions where we most want to impress, and yet many businesses still have not progressed past some stale sandwiches and uninspiring biscuits.
If you are looking to make sure that events at work go with a bang, you need to think more carefully about the food that you serve.
Whilst catering for an individual event can get expensive, especially if it is just a small meeting, bulk buying snacks can be a cost-effective way to make sure you always have something enticing on hand to give to your visitors and ensure that their experience with you is a positive one.

Brand image

When it comes to hosting a corporate event, image is everything. It is likely that you have gone to a great amount of effort to make sure that presentations are on point, employees are well versed, stationery is ready and everywhere looks clean and tidy. So why let all of this down with disappoint snacks, or even no food at all?
By having food options available, you can create a more impressive image for your business, showing that you think of everything and creating a professional air.
You also give yourself the chance to show off your company values by demonstrating that you put people first and want them to be comfortable and happy within your business.
By investing in some wholesale snacks, you can create a welcoming environment that people will want to be a part of.

React quickly

There is nothing worse than unexpected visitors at home, unless they arrive at work. If a client has decided to drop in unannounced, it is more difficult to make that great impression, as you have not had the opportunity to prepare.
However, if you have bulk bought snacks such as crisps and biscuits, you can ensure that there is always something on hand to offer them, no matter how little notice they have given you.

Ice breakers

Ellice Hudson, Operations Director at Workplace Refreshments, commented, “Corporate events can be awkward affairs at times, with people not knowing what to say to one another, particularly in the more social moments. Food can act as a great ice breaker, allowing people to get talking over an impressive brownie or sparking conversation about the selection of dips. Whatever you serve, it can help to warm up an atmosphere, making networking a much easier process.”
Handing round dishes can help to break a silence, whilst sharing food has been proven to show trust and help to build important bonds between people.
Food is at the heart of most social events in our private lives for these very reasons, so it makes perfect sense to apply the same logic to your professional events as well.

Never be hangry

We have all been in the situation where our mood has not been at its best because we are hungry. It can start to make even the most mild-mannered people snappy and irritable, which can make working together trickier.
This is not something that you want to happen during a meeting or business event, so providing snacks and nibbles can be a good way to keep hunger under control and make sure that everybody’s mood is a more positive one.

Cognitive abilities

Food does not just nourish our bellies; it has been found to nourish our minds as well. Certain foods can have a great impact on our cognitive abilities, not just giving us energy, but helping to aid our concentration, memory and productivity, meaning that with the right food on hand, you can make your meeting more successful than you ever thought possible.

Invite reciprocity

Often, corporate gatherings and business events are held because you want to achieve something. There will usually be a desire to win over the people in attendance and get something from them, and food can help you with this.
By providing something delicious for all of your guests, you are making a positive action, and typically, this will provoke a positive action in return. Therefore, by creating a positive gesture first, you are inviting your guests to reciprocate by signing on the dotted line.

Increase attendance

Have you ever noticed that the best attended meetings are the ones with a good menu? This is no accident. If you want to make sure that plenty of people turn up to your event then you need things that are going to lure them in, and food can be a big winner.
Whether you are looking for a huge corporate event, or a brainstorming session within your department, putting some food on the table gives you a better chance to ensure that the people you want are in attendance. Pick things that will help to draw people away from their desks and make it feel as though it is worth their while coming to see you.

Create an experience

Whatever your business event is about, you need to ensure that it is memorable and engaging if it is to be successful, and food plays a huge part in this.
As a rule, food makes people happy and so it can directly impact on the experience that they have with you. It has long been believed that feelings and emotions linger far longer with someone that actions and statements, so make your attendees feel good and their sense of positivity towards your message it likely to stay with them.

Cost effective

Catering for business events can be a costly business, but when you bulk buy snacks, it can be a little easier to manage. Purchasing items on a wholesale basis can reduce the cost of big events, whilst for smaller get togethers, you can ensure that there are always some tasty stocks for you to make use of, without breaking the bank.

Good snack options

There are all kinds of wholesale snack options available for you to take advantage of that will keep your visitors and colleagues happy. Everyone loves a biscuit, so choosing some favourites will ensure that each person is happy, and don’t forget to include some luxury options to really win favour.
You can also opt for mini packs of cookies as these help people to feel less greedy when they have the urge to go back for just one more biscuit.
Crisps are usually at the heart of any good snack option, but make sure that you vary the favours. Ready salted covers all bases, but it is not very exciting so make sure that you mix it up a bit. It is easy to bulk buy crisps, so make sure you have plenty to offer as individual bags or serve them in bowls to look a little more professional.
Whilst crisps and biscuits are the traditional options, there are plenty of other wholesale savoury snacks that you can explore, including dried meats, nuts and seeds. You could also consider buying some favourite chocolate bars or boxes of chocolates to give everyone a sweet treat.
Bags of sweets or individual sweets not only give people a hit of sugar, but they also help to bring out everyone’s inner child and add a sense of fun and merriment to your occasion.
Dried fruit is another wholesale snack that can be bought and stored until the perfect moment. It is important to remember that dried fruit is no longer just a bag of raisins, and so choose between apple chips, pineapple slices, strawberry flakes and mango chunks to make things seem a little more exciting.
Popcorn is another winner when it comes to bulk buying snacks. Not only is there sweet and savoury to choose from, but you can also pick from a range of different toppings and flavours to make it a little bit more interesting. This is a great snack for everyone to enjoy as it is even manageable for the most calorie conscious attendee.
Whatever snack options you choose, try to make sure that you have taken everyone into account. This means ensuring that vegans and vegetarians are considered, as well as those who might have allergies or intolerances to things like lactose or gluten. Being the one who has been left out can be isolating and embarrassing and is likely to have to opposite effect to the one that you have intended.
When you plan any kind of business event, try to make sure that you do not make food an after thought. It can play a huge part in the success of your event, so choose wisely and make sure that you cover all bases to ensure the event is a hit and everyone, including you, is left with a good feeling at the end of it.