In business it is always important to try and stay ahead of the curve.

One way in which people are doing so is how they utilise the space they need to run their companies, with the use of modular buildings at the forefront of that thinking.

Whether its to help reduce costs, save time, offer improved opportunities for quicker scalability or to find a temporary solution for extra staff working on a short-term project the benefits are plentiful.

Modular buildings are no longer just used on construction sites, they can be used for offices, restaurants, retail spaces, and even houses.

Modular buildings are playing a huge role in helping modern businesses.

Definition of Modular Buildings

What exactly then do we mean by modular buildings?

Well, the term is actually a pretty catch all definition. Modular buildings are ones that built rapidly, are sustainable, and are non-traditional construction concepts, offering great value for money.

The modules are easily transported to the site that requires them, can be adaptable to the surroundings and offer great flexibility.

Modular buildings are constructed at a factory facility and then transported to site.


One of the best features of a modular building is the bespoke element and being able to customise and tailor the building to your business needs.

They can be made to fit with your requirements such as space and budget constraints. Moreover it is the flexibility of these buildings, whether you are looking for an office, retail space or an industrial facility.

Modular buildings are flexible too, they can be used as a studio, school classroom or music room and often they are used for multi-purpose reasons.

For instance, Algeco – a leading modular building construction company – provided welfare and office buildings for the Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm during construction.

Additionally, they also provided a solution for the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where modular buildings are used as long-term GP streaming building, holding anywhere from two to 1,000 people with the ability to go four storeys high.

Expansion and Scale

It is not just the bespoke element that could benefit your business, though.

If you are looking to expand a more traditional site it can be a very expensive process. Modular buildings allow for easy expansion for growing businesses.

Even more established brands are using modular solutions. For instance, Jaguar Land Rover was in urgent need for a facility to accommodate 600 people for a project being undertaken by its Design & Engineering facility at Gaydon in Warwickshire.

McDonalds too has used modular buildings to use two-storey drive-thru buildings, something that had previously never been done in the United Kingdom.

Cost Efficiency

Another huge benefit of modular building hire is how it can help businesses save on costs.

Whether that be through reduced labour expenses, minimising material waste, or streamlining project management, modular buildings can help balance the books in terms of spend.

Because of the speed of constructing modular buildings it means a faster return on investment compared to more traditional solutions, and means you can occupy buildings much sooner.

It also allows you to get rid of the large capital expenditures, thus making modular buildings more affordable.

Time Saving
One thing that is important for any business is time, and modular buildings provide more of it as they significantly reduce construction timelines compared to more traditional methods.

Modular construction is known for impressive speed, and can be delivered 50 per cent quicker than more traditional solutions as the groundwork and foundation preparation are happening simultaneously with off-side manufacturing.

Additionally, it offers a more streamlined supply chain, with off-site construction manufacturers overseeing the planning and design, right through to production, delivery and installation.



If you are a business owner, no matter how big or small, it always pays to be adaptable and think of ways to improve productivity.

Modular buildings are helping to revolutionise the business landscape and can offer your company viable solutions when looking for space solutions.

More time, lower costs, more sustainability, lower carbon footprints – the benefits are plentiful.