We are living in a world where keeping things clean is more important than ever. However, we can’t forget to continue our work towards creating a more positive environment and help stop and reverse the damage that has been happening to our planet.

Trying to find the perfect balance between the two can seem like an impossible task but with the use of UK commercial cleaning, businesses can protect their staff and customers with the use of daily commercial cleaning. These professionals have the best understanding of how to keep any commercial space clean, while still protecting the environment.

When choosing your commercial cleaning solution, one of the first questions to ask is their green cleaning policy and if the company is taking active measures to be as green as possible.

Below, we discuss how to choose the right commercial cleaning services and what processes should be thought about when wanting your business to take part in a positive change.

Cleaning Products

Conventional chemical cleaners are destined to end up in one place, down the drain and into the water system. Water waste plants try to do everything within their power to remove these toxins but the reality is that only a small fraction is eradicated.

This contaminated water is then released into the ecosystem, rivers streams and even oceans. Marine animals spend their life surrounded by these chemicals, leading to growth and breeding issues and even death.

Not only is this harmful to wildlife but these creatures can end up in our food and we can unknowingly consume contaminated meat.

However, not all effective cleaning products are toxic, there are many commercial cleaning products made of natural ingredients that don’t do any harm to the environment. Speak to your professional commercial cleaning providers and ask what they are using and if they can offer a safe alternative to chemical cleaners.

Reusable Products

It isn’t just the liquid cleaners that encompass green cleaning, it’s everything your cleaners do for you. One of the common aspects of commercial cleaning is the replenishment of disposable goods such as hand towels, soap and sponges.

Choose a provider that understands the importance of reusable products, not just to reduce waste but also cut carbon emissions from the manufacturing process.

When looking for professional commercial cleaning, ask them about this. Many will offer a service where they will replace used items with fresh ones and remove anything dirty to be washed elsewhere and placed back into the cycle of reusable items in your office.

While soap can only be used once, the packaging it comes in can make a real impact on our world, ‘green’ soap will always be within recyclable, reusable or reduced plastic packaging.

Employee Health

Many organisations will have employees with underlying health issues and chemical cleaning products can trigger these ailments and lead to detrimental effects on staff.

Even if you aren’t wishing to be an eco-warrior, going green with commercial office cleaning is a way to protect your staff.

One common problem that can occur in the workplace if the right care isn’t taken, is for those with asthma and other breathing-related problems. Monoethanolamine is a frequent ingredient in not just commercial cleaning products, but household cleaners too.

These can cause inflammation and for those who already have issues with breathing, it can bring on asthma attacks, other complications and in a worst-case scenario-death.

Chemical cleaning manufacturers are under no obligation to declare this on their products so many are not aware of the impact on individuals. Green cleaning commercial cleaners will be aware of this and always seek alternative, natural and safe alternatives.

Monoethanolamines have been regulated within schools, nurseries and hospitals but there are no regulations within other workplaces, which is why each individual business needs to take ownership and responsibility of protecting staff.

Other employees will soon see the benefit as well. Green cleaning products don’t leave toxins lingering in the air. Air quality is incredibly important to ensure staff have a clear head and maximise efficiency and productivity.

In today’s modern world where natural cleaning products are proving to be just as good as their chemical counterparts, there is little reason to not make the switch to green cleaning in the workplace.

It’s true, green cleaning can cost more than its counterpart, however, by replacing disposable products with reusable ones a significant amount of cash can be saved over time.

With more demand for green cleaning services and products, this can lead to reduced costs for providers and make chemical cleaning companies bow to the pressure of consumers and make a change. Hopefully, it won’t be long before green cleaning is simply known as cleaning and these toxins won’t be found in our workplaces again.

We all need to work together to create a positive change for our planet.

By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.