As the summer rolls in fast, it is on every responsible business owner’s to do list to ensure that their employees’ wellbeing needs are being met. This, however, is far easier said than done and can prove to be very tricky. As everyone is now slowly coming back into the workplace, they are now not as in control of their environment as they have been, so they might feel really uncomfortable with their first weeks back in the office.

Here are some ways you can help ease their discomfort and help them come back into the workflow happy and relaxed.

1. Make sure that cool beverages are being served at the canteen

If your workplace has a canteen, make sure it serves cooled drinks as well as hot ones. It can be worrying to ensure that your workers are able to stay hydrated while at work and add in the higher temperatures of summer, and you have a serious concern. You do not want your employees getting headaches or heat stroke, or even passing out because they are so unwell. Making sure that they have at least fresh cool water available can help you tackle this problem.

2, Regulate the temperatures

The best thing that you can do to keep them happy at their workstations is to keep the air circulating. Keeping the air cool as well is a bonus, as it keeps the air feeling fresh and can help boost their concentration. This added focus can be good news for yourself and the business, as well as reduces stress in employees. You can make this possible by looking into air conditioning hire, especially if the building that you are working in, like many English properties, does not have air conditioning preinstalled.

3. Try to allow shade for those that wish to take their lunch break outside

Allowing shade for those that wish to take their lunch break outside can help your employees tremendously. Not only does it give them a physical break from their work, but it also allows them to relax in a comfortable space. This can be a massive help to their concentration and their work ethic, as well as giving their eyes a much-needed rest, especially if they have spent the morning staring at a screen.

This might give your employees the boost that they were looking for, to help them get through to the end of the day. It might also encourage them to socialise with their peers, bringing your workplace closer together.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it might be beneficial for you to really think about how to help your employees transition from working from home to working back in the office. This is a challenge, even more so now that summer and unpredictable heatwaves are just around the corner.

You can help your employees settle by making sure that there is enough shaded seating outside your workplace, making sure the temperature in the building remains tolerable and keeping your employees hydrated by providing cool beverages to help combat heat stroke.


By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.