As Scotland navigates economic uncertainties and evolving workforce expectations, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing is expanding its presence in the region to provide tailored employee benefits solutions and expert advice to Scottish employers of all sizes.

Howden already has an established team in Scotland, with over 40 years of specialised insurance experience. The recent appointment of Saba Haran as Employee Benefits Director strengthens its offering to Scottish businesses, to include pension, employee benefits and wellbeing consultancy services too.

Understanding the landscape:

Scottish businesses are grappling with skills shortages, talent acquisition and retention issues, and the rising cost of living. While budgets are tight, strategic benefits and reward strategies can play a crucial role in attracting and retaining top talent.

Why Howden?

Independence and Employee Ownership: Howden’s independence and employee ownership model sets it apart, ensuring a client-focused approach free from external influences. Its local presence in Scotland ensures decisions are made with a deep understanding of the regional business landscape.

Tailored Solutions for Scottish Businesses: Howden offers customised employee benefits solutions tailored to the unique needs of Scottish employers of all sizes. Its local teams ensure a nuanced understanding of the local market, including industries like whisky, agriculture, and oil & gas.

Specialised Employee Benefits & Insurance Experience: With over 40 years of specialised insurance & benefits experience, Howden brings a wealth of knowledge to address the specific challenges faced by employers. The local team’s expertise spans various sectors, providing insights into industry-specific needs, covering people and business risk management.

How can Howden help your business?

Strategic Benefits and Wellbeing Consultancy: Howden assists companies in maximising existing benefits and insurance, leveraging additional services, and future-proofing their strategies. A locally grounded approach ensures that the consultancy services are aligned with the current and future needs of Scottish businesses.

Technology and Inclusivity Solutions: Howden helps businesses navigate the rise of flexible benefits technology and AI solutions with a human-centric approach. Tailoring benefits with an inclusive mindset, considering local sensitivities and demographics, promotes diversity and a supportive work environment.

Supporting employee financial wellbeing: Financial education and pension support play vital roles in employee benefit programs, with employers typically aiming to enhance the financial literacy and retirement readiness of their workforce. Howden’s commitment to bridging the gap, delivering financial education, and tackling pension challenges provides critical support to employers in promoting the financial well-being of their employees.

Saba Haran, Employee Benefits Director, “As a forward-thinking ally, Howden is strategically positioned to anticipate and address HR, benefit, and wellbeing challenges. Through our local expertise and personalised guidance, we can play a pivotal role in ensuring the success and future prosperity of Scottish businesses.”

To learn more about key trends in employee benefits and wellbeing and how Howden can help your business, join Saba and her colleagues on 23rd January 2024 to discuss the top employee benefits and wellbeing trends for businesses this year.  To sign up go to: ttps://