Strategic workplace design company Interaction is hosting a special online event with international law firm Osborne Clarke to address the challenges facing employers as they strive to lower their environmental impact and improve employee wellbeing.

As Osborne Clarke prepares to move into Halo, one of the UK’s most sustainable buildings, Interaction’s creative lead, Liesl Wherry, will take part in an online discussion with the law firm’s sustainability and reporting manager, Mary Lavin, on June 16.

Interaction has designed Osborne Clarke’s new flagship office in Bristol with the aim of promoting staff health and wellbeing, while meeting strict sustainability criteria.

Also taking part in the Sustainability at Scale webinar will be sustainability change-maker Joanna Watchman who is the founder of Work in Mind, the global content resource dedicated to driving awareness of how to create healthier buildings.

Liesl Wherry said: “The question of sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues is increasingly critical for all organisations across every sector.

“We’ll explore the key issues and challenges facing businesses as they strive to lower their environmental impact and contribute more to their people’s wellbeing.

“Organisations will learn about the role of the workplace in improving their sustainability credentials – both easy wins and longer-term solutions – and the importance of ESG in attracting and retaining the best talent.

“Businesses will also find out how to create goals that are both authentic and achievable, and align their organisation behind those goals.”

To register for the webinar please go to Sustainability at Scale