Customer service outsourcer Kura has announced the appointment of Owen Campbell as its new Operations Director.

Owen, who started at Kura 11 years ago as a contact centre advisor, has grown through the ranks and his promotion is recognition for his dedication to operational excellence within the contact centre industry.

Brian Bannatyne, CEO at Kura, said: “Owen’s rise through the ranks at Kura exemplifies his profound understanding of operational intricacies and his ability to drive positive and transformative initiatives.

“He’s has shown unwavering commitment to achieving organisational goals and nurturing growth has garnered recognition from colleagues across the company. His achievements in other roles within the business has led to phenomenal levels of efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement, helping to reaffirm Kura’s reputation as an industry leader.”

Owen’s dedication to excellence is highlighted by a series of impressive achievements, including a remarkable 87% increase in sales conversion, outperforming in-house teams and competitors by 80% on comparable KPIs and expertly leading teams across two continents.

Owen’s coaching and development credentials have also resulted in remarkable achievements, such as reducing the target response time for customer calls across Kura’s client base from 120 seconds down to an impressive 73 seconds, a reduction of 39%.

Owen’s beginnings as an advisor with Kura provided him with invaluable insight and empathy for understanding his team members’ positions. His rapid progression through various roles underscores Kura’s dedication to developing its employees and fostering growth.

Kura has advisors located across offices in the UK and South Africa. Kura works with a diverse range of clients, which includes a number of leading utilities companies.

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