New user experience, global treasury automation and automated statutory update features simplify and accelerate global payroll processes

Dublin, Ireland 14th April 2021 – Immedis, the leader in consolidated global payroll solutions, today announced the latest release of the Immedis Platform, introducing significant new features and enhancements to advance its mission to deliver touchless payroll to organizations. This release is full of new features for organizations to dramatically simplify and accelerate global payroll processes and operations.

Simplified User Experience

New user experience enhancements significantly accelerate payroll data entry while simplifying the execution of payroll administrative tasks.

  • New autofill features and slide-out forms accelerate payroll data input for individuals or pay groups, all in one view on a single screen.
  • Further enhanced data input validation for both user interface and bulk updates provides a real-time onscreen view of any data issues with individuals or groups so that they can be immediately resolved to ensure payroll input data accuracy.
  • Streamlined onboarding through cascaded values for default country specific information significantly reduces project setup time and complexity.
  • Combined global and local wage/pay catalogues available directly from the Immedis Platform deliver a unified view of all pay elements at a global scale.
  • Full web and PDF payslip integration back into upstream HR systems enables administrator and employee self-service access to view payslips hosted in Immedis without any need for integration back and forth.
  • Self-service capture of payroll impact for dependents (such as children or elderly relatives) has also been introduced to further reduce HR system setup times, integration and customer operational overhead in managing the disparate global payroll data requirements.

Robust Treasury Integration & Configuration

Timely, accurate and compliant global payroll operations require tight integration with treasury functions. Immedis has introduced robust integration and configuration updates to further simplify and streamline processes between payroll and treasury operations.

  • Global Payroll APIs for Treasury empower organizations to execute the following operations from within the Immedis platform:
    • Automate the creation of statutory beneficiaries.
    • Further automation of the statutory payment calendar per jurisdiction that is linked to country-specific tax and social security obligations.
    • Create a multi-country statutory payment summary as a standard component of the Gross-to-Net (GTN).
    • Conduct ad-hoc task management by adding specific payroll tasks to a country, customer and/or pay group.
  • ISO20022 Configuration and Benefits Framework
    • Provides full global treasury and banking framework for the international payments standard ISO20022.
    • Ability to add additional beneficiary information to the benefits framework; these fields can be used within the Immedis ISO bank file configurator.
  • SPTPx Bank Files
    • Send a bank file from the Immedis Platform via SFTP/FTPS, as well as other protocols, directly into treasury or bank systems.

Country Specific Information

In early March, Immedis announced the launch of Immedis CSI (Country Specific Information), which delivers a dedicated payroll database for the specific taxation, benefits, and compliance requirements for each country.  Immedis CSI updates are made automatically and continuously.

This release delivers the Immedis Service Pack which provides payroll teams with notes on a monthly basis that highlight all of the country specific updates that have been made in the Immedis platform during that time period.

Workday Integration

Workday customers can now access a single integration for all countries, which delivers a single complete view of HR and payroll and provides the following benefits for Workday users:

  • Single Integration Multi Country (SIMC) approach ensures a common scalable behaviour across all customers and countries while preserving the granularity of country specific information – this means no need for custom adapters per country.
  • All testing is automated through the deployment of repeatable testing technology and integration expertise, ensuring coverage at 100% of test cases in all countries.

In addition, employees can now access their Immedis payslip within Workday. Payslips no longer need to be uploaded to Workday, and they will still be available in the Immedis Platform.

“Our theme for this release and for everything we do in global payroll is ‘keeping it simple,’” said Richard Limpkin, Chief Product Officer, Immedis. “The massive amount of data and data management requirements needed to deliver accurate and timely payroll can be daunting.  With this release, payroll teams will be able to rapidly accelerate and improve the accuracy of data entry.  Whether its improving efficiencies when adding or removing individuals or groups from payroll, or executing updates with mass cascading default values, Immedis continues to advance its vision to deliver global touchless payroll.  We take on the complexity, so organizations and payroll teams don’t have to.”

For more details on this release, read the blog post by Fiona Dardis, Product Manager, Global Payroll: Check Out How the Latest Immedis Platform Updates Simplify Global Payroll Management

About Immedis

Immedis is the global leader in consolidated global payroll solutions. Processing payroll in over 150 countries, the Immedis Platform provides a unified view of global payroll operations, real-time data analytics, and advanced reporting capability, while ensuring legislative compliance and data security. Immedis’ deep integration capabilities with HCM and finance providers dramatically simplifies multi-country payroll obligations. Immedis was founded and is majority owned by Clune Group.

By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.