Business leaders are navigating macroeconomic shifts and uncertainties while innovation and technology accelerates change; staying ahead now requires more than traditional methods.

Founded by Stephen Gee and Jeff Tepel, in partnership with a global group of forward-thinking business leaders, Blend emerges as the hub for dismantling industry and functional silos, igniting innovation, and unlocking the full spectrum of a leader’s potential abilities.

Blend focuses on celebrating the difference that exists in us all, unlocking cognitive diversity to bring together executives from diverse fields and backgrounds, creating an environment that thrives on the exchange of ideas, experiences, and strategies. “We believe that when leaders step out of their comfort zone and engage with others who challenge their thinking, remarkable breakthroughs occur.”

Imagine a nexus where leaders converge beyond their customary industry or functional boundaries, engage in continuous learning, personal growth, and discover the opportunity that exists in thinking different, this is the essence of the Blend community. 

Blend is pleased to announce its official launch on the 24th of October, 2023. 

Cognitive Diversity

Cognitive diversity refers to having individuals and teams with a range of different thinking, experiences, expertise, and opinions. Research shows that such diversity is crucial in dealing with complex problems and results in higher levels of collective intelligence. 

By embracing cognitive diversity, any institution or team can benefit as it encourages constructive dissent, challenges hierarchies, and prompts us to rethink where the best ideas come from. It also provides individuals with an opportunity to enhance personal performance by breaking free from the echo chambers that exist around us.

The Blend Community

Blend members will benefit from gaining access to an executive group of top leaders who join peer learning and mentoring programs and content-led events hosted by high-profile leaders with regular meetups, providing them with a safe space for continuous growth and development. 

During the company launch, Co-founder & CEO Stephen Gee commented, “Blend is the first truly cross-functional executive leadership community that connects leaders with diverse experiences and backgrounds. By connecting executives through our community, we support leaders with conversations to inspire new ideas and ignite innovation that accelerates their personal and professional growth.”

Blend members will not only be able to attend their city-based events but also gain access to our in-app community. The AI-powered in-app community acts as a hub for knowledge exchange, allowing members to tap into a wealth of expertise and diverse perspectives from leaders across the globe. The in-app community will enable members to access on-demand content, including the video library for recorded events, workshops, and meet-ups, as well as access to expert masterclasses, groups and the ability to discuss with their peers. 

Co-Founder & CRO Jeff Tepel highlighted, “Now is the time for enterprise leaders to step out of their comfort zone. Working with hundreds of executives, we’ve heard first-hand how they are struggling to meet new people, innovate, connect with new ideas and find a trusted place they can rely on for true peer review. We are excited to support them with the launch of Blend.”

The waitlist for membership is open now, launching first in London and New York. The link to sign up can be found at