New Book Demonstrates How Professional Relationships Underpin Executive Success

The role of modern leaders is always evolving, with challenges including business growth, recruitment and talent retention, not to mention managing unexpected changes. In reality, many of these challenges can be readily solved with the help of other people, yet many leaders neglect the importance of nurturing their professional relationships. Within his new book Connected Leadership, Andy Lopata explores why and how these relationships underpin executive success.

Andy’s expertise in growing professional relationships is second to none as he has been working with leaders and their teams for more than 20 years. Within Connected Leadership he clearly demonstrates why leaders should invest in their professional relationships, how this will benefit their own personal development and their business and provides practical steps on how to cultivate this network. For Andy, it is possible to tell the quality of a leader not just from the quality of their relationships, but by the ease with which they draw on them and the speed and willingness with which people respond.

Andy initially outlines why great leaders rely on strong relationships and how leaders can build strong relationships with both peers and those outside their industry. Andy subsequently offers practical guidance on how readers can leverage these relationships to win referrals, manage their personal brand and why you should draw upon this support network. He also shows how leaders can delegate the relationship role and build a relationship culture with their organisation. 

Whilst the idea was seeded prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, Andy completed the book during the UK Lockdown as this created the space to focus and complete the project much more quickly than might otherwise have been possible. Within his afterword, Andy includes some insightful observations on how COVID-19 has impacted professional relationships, what is important during this time and what the legacy on professional relationships might be moving forward. Andy emphasises how this situation has shown the importance of checking in, empathy, vulnerability and connection to offer support to leaders. 

Connected Leadership is an ideal read for senior leaders, directors and CEOs looking to build, nurture and leverage a network of people who are in a position to support them, want to support them and know exactly what support they need.

A specialist in professional relationships and networking for over 20 years, Andy Lopata was called ‘one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ by the Financial Times and ‘a true master of networking’ by The Independent and Andy is the author of five books, has been quoted in a number of other business books and regularly quoted in the international press. Andy is a Fellow and a board member of the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland and a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute as well as a Master of the Institute for Sales Management. He is also one of just 26 recipients of the PSA’s top honour, the Award of Excellence.

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