As the UK recognises and solemnly reflects on World Day for Safety and Health at work, a new report has revealed UK worker’s attitudes towards safety in the workplace by employees and employers – and only 37% of workers said their employers took social distancing rules seriously.

The new report, conducted by The Compensation Experts has revealed the attitudes towards safety in the workplace, with 37% of UK workers having suffered an workplace injury in the past.  The past 12 months have placed many obstacles and challenges in the path of businesses, as the pandemic took grip of the nation and workplace processes were forced to change to stay within government guidelines.

The report titled ‘The Workplace Safety Index’ surveyed workers in a variety of sectors, revealing their thoughts and opinions on safety in their place of work.

Which industry did employees say was the worst for social distancing?

While many industries saw employees furloughed, of those who continued working during the COVID-19 pandemic, only 37% believed that their employers took social distancing rules seriously.

The apparent lack of social distancing measures enforced by employers appeared to have a huge impact on UK workers with 39% stating they felt unsafe in their place of work.

The report surveyed workers in a variety of sectors, revealing which have been the best and the worst for enforcing social distancing measures, the results of which can be seen below:

Industry % of workers who believe their employer took social distancing rules seriously
Agriculture 15%
Healthcare 47%
Hospitality 39%
Public services 42%
Retail 35%
Teaching and Education 38%
Transport and Logistics 34%
Warehousing 34%

Both the TUC and many of their union members have called for a detailed public enquiry into the handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and we sadly await the eventual statistics which will estimate how many employees have caught COVID in their place of work.  Sadly, many of them paid the ultimate price.

Wales TUC General Secretary, Shavanah Taj said:

“On International Workers’ Memorial Day, we remember those who have died, and pledge ourselves to fight for safe workplaces for everyone.

“We’ll forever be in the debt of the workers who died during this pandemic – nurses, carers, bus drivers and so many more.

“They lost their lives looking after our loved ones and keeping our country running in the hardest of times.

“We owe it to them to ensure that more is done to tackle employers that are still playing fast and loose with workers’ safety.

For full information from the Workplace Safety Index, see:


By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.