Physical wellbeing platform Myles has been chosen as the initiative of choice after a pilot with the NHS Supply Chain showed that it led to a 3.24x increase in employee physical activity.

Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust and Myles Wellbeing announced today that the organisations have entered into a strategic partnership that will support the mental and physical wellbeing of employees within the trust.

On average in the UK, 56% of employees are experiencing symptoms of depression and almost 9 out of 10 of employees want their employer to play a role in our wellbeing.

“We are so excited to begin our partnership with Myles Wellbeing. Our staff work in a high pressured environment which makes self-care increasingly difficult.” said Robyn Gennari, Health and Wellbeing Lead at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. “The opportunity for staff to enhance their physical wellbeing with the added social element of competing within their teams is a welcomed addition to the HWB offering.”

Staff at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust will be able to track their physical activity improvement, complete challenges with colleagues and earn rewards for their healthy habits. An increase in physical activity has been proven to improve both the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual.

“We’re delighted to be working with Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. Recent years have highlighted just how important the NHS is as well as the pressures faced by staff. This partnership will support these staff who give so much to others.” said Toby Cannon, Founder and CEO of Myles Wellbeing.

About Myles Wellbeing

Myles Wellbeing is a platform that improves employee mental and physical wellbeing by encouraging sustainable physical activity habits. The platform is built on the pillars of inclusivity, simplicity and engagement and harnesses gamification and powerful social dynamics to incentivize healthy behaviour change.