As numbers continue to rise in this Pandemic so does the amount of people working from home. Until this unprecedented situation finishes nobody will be going back to the office. Businesses however have seen that productivity can be increased when people work from home so this may be the future of business. As people are no longer in the office constant communication is important. There is no standing up from your desk and walking over to your colleague to ask for their opinion or assistance.

Constant communication is vital so everything is done through Slack. Meetings are all video conferences and Zoom meetings. This new way of working brings a certain stress but also a certain feeling of freedom. Long commutes in the wind, cold and rain are a thing of the past. Now you just have to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen or wherever you have your office.

Along with this comes a new way of dressing. The future of business attire is changing and with it comes a more pared back look. The classic suit and tie for men and trouser suit with shirt for women is no longer the official work uniform. The situation has changed so much that yes, professionality is still fundamental but comfort is key.

Not all office roles expect you to be buttoned up. The more creative jobs call for a different look, one that inspires creativity and shows your personality. Superdry is just the label for that. Their unique and affordable looks are just the thing to take you from your bedroom boardroom to kitchen table conference. Use a Superdry voucher code to save even more money on your new work look.

Their vintage Florence Cable Knitted Dress is the perfect dress for working from home. The soft wool will keep you warm and cosy while still looking stylish and professional.You don’t need to worry about finding matching coordinates either, just throw it on over your head and hey presto you are ready for whatever the day throws at you. Team this dress with a pair of Hubris biker boots for a cosy look. If you want to turn the dress into a real style statement then match it with a pair of Memphis Tassle Boots.

It is estimated that in the US by 2027 over 50% of the workforce will be either working remotely or at least partially so according to the American website Future of Work . The way we work is changing and this means that your wardrobe must do so too. Comfort and functionality will be major deciding factors in what you choose to wear

Pair the Superdry vintage Jessica V-neck cardigan with a pair of vintage high rise straight jeans for a look that is not only comfortable but chic too. This look is perfect for getting you through the day and helping get your creative juices flowing. The combination of the cosy cardigan in either oatmeal marl or dark grey marl teamed with the soft jeans will make you feel cocooned and protected from whatever challenges you face. Finish the look off with a pair of Liora Espadrilles for a look that will take you from weekday to weekend too.

It’s always that little bit harder for men. Their clothes are often either casual or a suit. Finding that balance between work and home is not easy. Superdry has managed to do so. Their vintage Jacob Henley jumper comes in three colours and the cable knit design takes this jumper to the next level and makes it suitable even for a CEO when holding Zoom meetings. Matched with their vintage slim jeans and Chelsea boots and you have an outfit that makes you look like the perfect professional. The fine Merino Henley jumper and a pair of dark vintage tailored straight jeans and a pair of vintage Detroit boots will make you the most stylish man in your home office!

For the casual office the infamous Superdry vintage Logo Duo hoodie, a pair of vintage taper jeans teamed with the vintage vegan Basket Lux trainers is the perfect combo. This look shows style and personality. It is the more casual of the three looks but it is still professional and will showcase your original and inimitable style helping you stand out from the crowd and be noticed.