Education specialist Outcomes First Group, is thrilled to announce it has been ranked a winner in the UK Best Workplaces for Women™ Awards 2023, Super Large Category1 for the third consecutive year. This recognition comes in addition to ranking as a winner in the UK Great Place to Work™ Awards for the past 4 years. Both awards recognise organisations working to ensure equity and create fair access and advancement for all employees.

To be considered a Great Place to Work™, companies require a minimum Trust Index score of 65%. This year, Outcomes First Group – which boasts a 70% female workforce – achieved a Trust Index score of 77% and was recognised by the judges as a great workplace for all, including women, and an organisation where people care about each other. Outcomes First Group was also commended as an establishment that supports the different identities women hold, ensures that their daily experiences are consistently positive no matter who they are, or what work they do, and feel supported to fulfil their true potential.

‘We are immensely proud of our continuing year on year improvement,’ said Carmel Walberg, HR Director. ‘In our first survey in 2019, we received a Trust Index score of 68% – this year it’s 77% overall, and our scores are stronger than ever with an increase across every factor of the survey. When asked about job satisfaction, 89% of our female colleagues responded with, ‘When I look at what we accomplish, I feel a sense of pride’. Other top-scoring evaluations included: 89% of the workforce agreeing that ‘When you join the company, you feel welcome’; 87% declaring ‘I’m proud to tell others I work here’; and 87% feeling that ‘People care about each other here’. The results speak volumes for our workplace cultures and values. At Outcomes First Group we truly value the incredible talents women bring, and they are given fair representation within the workforce and throughout our management structure.’

Commenting on the award, David Leatherbarrow, CEO, Outcomes First Group, said, ‘I believe embedding fairness and wellbeing in workplace culture is a crucial part of any successful organisation. Our aim is to support and empower our colleagues and ensure equality for all – which is why Outcomes First Group is a great workplace for women and everyone else.

‘Being recognised as a Great Workplace for Women™ once again is a tremendous affirmation that we are continuing along the right path. Outcomes First Group’s guiding principle is to create a culture in which we care for each other, and this recognition clearly illustrates the positive impact of our approach. We are better able to empower, inspire and support women from every background, and we encourage all our colleagues to develop professionally and personally, which in turn contributes to our continued success. I am very proud of all that Outcomes First Group has achieved and that my colleagues continue to view us as a Best Workplace for Women™. We endeavour to ensure everybody is equally represented in our organisation.’

Concluding, Benedict Gautrey, Managing Director of Great Place to Work™ UK, said, ‘With the award now in its sixth year, Best Workplaces™ for Women 2023, showcases organisations that have made gender equality a priority, according to the women who work in them. All our results are based on what women themselves have anonymously reported to us about their workplace experience and how well represented they are in the workforce and management.

‘Equality and fairness are not only about mutual respect, positive interpersonal relationships, and clear and open communication within a workplace, but it is also about removing barriers to advancement, and adjusting practices, policies or procedures for those who may be disadvantaged, to make sure they have the tools they need to access the same opportunities as their peers. That’s what being a Great Place to Work™ is all about.’

Outcomes First Group is passionate about employing dedicated caring individuals and is always looking for new people to join its exemplary team – in education, clinical professional support, social work and a whole range of support function roles – all of whom play a vital part in the success of the Group.

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1. Super Large Category – 1001+ employees