A BUSINESS owner is offering his expertise for free for neurodiverse entrepreneurs.

Daniel Pope, who runs Toro Recruitment in Fareham is offering hours of free mentoring to neurodiverse people who are running or starting businesses or are hoping to progress in their careers.

He is offering three people six months’ worth of free one-to-one sessions via Zoom to help them on their paths.

Daniel, who has severe ADHD, launched the initiative to help people who are like him and prove that they can achieve big things in their career despite having their own struggles.

He said: ‘It’s often thought that with people who are neurodiverse that they have to settle for low-level jobs and can’t excel in their careers, but I’m living proof that you can make something of yourself and not only pave your own career but propel others in theirs too.

‘I want to give people the tools and knowledge that they need to have the confidence to take risks and go for whatever it is that they want to professionally.’

Currently, around 30 per cent of Daniel’s team is neurodiverse and it is an area around which he is passionate about raising awareness and helping.

The team will be taking part in a charity dog walk in a few months’ time to raise money, which they will donate to NeurodiverseLIFE – a business which provides educational training, private mentoring and coaching, corporate training and various therapies for people who have conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and more.

The company is fundraising to provide free mental health support for people that are experiencing mental health issues not supported by the NHS such as ADHD coaching, mental health mentoring and borderline personality disorder.

The team at Toro recently undertook a walk around Queen Elizabeth Country Park with their four dogs, covering a combined 35 miles and raising money for Chimney Farm Dog Rescue, the firm’s chosen charity of the year.

Daniel said: ‘Part of our ethos is giving back wherever and whenever we can and as we have our own assistant and chief wellbeing officers, Polly and Luna in the office so often it just made sense to support a dog rescue charity. The team and their furry friends did such a good job which is why we’ve put another dog walk in the diary for NeurodiverseLIFE.’

To find out more about Daniel’s initiative go to www.tororecruitment.com